10 new rules of train travel in Corona, caution

New Delhi: In this age of corona virus, the new rule is to give the address of the place where to go. By booking a ticket, learn about the rules to reach the station ….

1. Now before traveling by train you have to say where you will stop. Railways will now fill up forms before travel. The full address of the stop must be entered.

2. All passengers must wear a mask. It is being appealed not to travel without it.

3 – Currently, special trains have been run for 15 places, in which the Health Bridge web application has been made necessary, those who do not have this app in their phone, they will be downloaded at the station.

4- Reservation in trains will be maximum seven days. Tickets can be canceled up to 24 hours before the train starts, 50 per cent fare will be deducted.

5 – People on the train also have to go through social distances.

6 – Tickets will be available online only through the railway website. Railway counters are closed for tickets. Counter tickets will be arranged for certain categories of people like MPs, freedom fighters.

8. Tickets will be discounted for patients, students and the disabled. This will not be an exemption for the elderly.

9 – There will be a quota of berths for MPs.

10 – To reach the railway station, e-ticket has to be shown.

11 – Passengers will have to carry their own towels and sheets. Canned food and hand sanitizer will be provided.