3.25 lakh migrant workers return to their home

Gandhinagar, 6 MAY 2020

Successfully ensured the safe return of 3.25 lakh migrant workers to their natives. These include 42 thousand migrant workers who were from other states and the remaining were migrant workers from within the state who travelled to other cities for employment.

The state government in co-ordination with GOI has successfully sent 42 thousand migrant workers through 35 labour trains to various states like U.P, Bihar, Orissa, etc . In addition to that, the state government also provided the permission for labourers residing in Surat to return to their native districts/talukas. This includes 5500 workers through S.T buses, 1.67 lakh workers through private vehicles and 1.14 lakh workers through their own vehicles /other private means by the permission of Surat Municipal Corporation. This takes the tally to 3.25 lakh migrant workers.

Around 28,000 migrant workers have been sent to their respective home states through 23 trains in the last three days. These include 8 trains from Surat to Orissa, 1 train from Surat to Bihar, 1 from Surat to Jharkhand. 2 trains from Vadodara to U.P, 3 trains from Ahmedabad to Bihar, and 4 from Ahmedabad to U.P. 1 train each from Godhra, Nadiad, Palanpur and Rajkot to U.P.

In addition to that, around 14 thousand migrant workers have left for their respective homes through 12 trains today. These include 3 trains to Orissa from Surat, 3 for U.P, 1 for Bihar and Jharkhand each which totals to 8 trains carrying 9600 people. 2 trains from Viramgam to U.P carrying 2400 passengers, and 1 train each from Ahmedabad to Bihar and U.P.

The committee will coordinate with regional administrations in Botad, Bhavnagar, Amreli, etc and ensure the safe return of migrant workers from Surat.

The online registration for these workers shall start from Wednesday on a dedicated portal.

government will not permit to travel from one containment zone to another. Once the application of a worker is approved on the portal, they will undergo health screening and sent to their natives by following adequate safety protocols. Workers with cough, fever, cold will not be permitted to travel. In addition to that, the workers will undergo health check up when they return to their native place and will have to be either home quarantined or institutional quarantined for 14 days. The workers will not be allowed to return to Surat for a period of 45 days.