India’s success key to global fight against Corona virus, says Vice President

Delhi, 31 MAR 2020
Vice-President of India and Rajya Sabha Chairman Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu has lauded the efforts of the central and State governments and the resolve, response and cooperation of the people leading to successful implementation of the first week of the nationwide lockdown announced to contain the spread of Corona virus in the country with a population of 130 crore.

Summing up the outcomes of the first week of lockdown, Shri Naidu noted that the circles, boxes and the lines drawn at grocery stores and vegetable markets to ensure physical distance, government machinery enforcing the lockdown and the Indian jugaad of converting railway wagons into isolation wards, some scientists and organizations quickly designing testing tool kits and ventilators have received global acknowledgment marking appreciation of India’s intent to fight the challenge of the virus, showing the way to others.

Shri Naidu further said that amidst such a massive unprecedented social and physical lockdown across the nation, some issues are bound to arise like that of migrant labourers and farmers during the harvest season and hoped that central and State governments will fix such problems. He noted with satisfaction the supply and availability of essential commodities during this first week. The Vice-President stressed that next two weeks of the lockdown are very crucial in containing the spread of Corona virus and appealed to the people to cooperate with the ongoing efforts with even enhanced resolve and commitment.

Shri Naidu said that given the size of our population and health infrastructure, success of India in fighting the virus holds key to the success of global fight against the killer virus which has already taken a heavy toll of health and wealth across the nations. He asserted that Indians have a certain responsibility towards the fellow human kind and shall be guided by this dharma and act accordingly for our collective triumph in this hour of global crisis.

He further said that the present context does not allow us to present a divided front as it warrants a united effort. Shri Naidu urged the intellectuals and others to hold back issues, if any till the crisis is over and instead come forth with suggestions for effectively tackling the challenge.

Following is the statement of Vice-President Shri Venkaiah Naidu:

“I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of the central and State Governments and the resolute response of the people of the country to contain the spread of Corona virus during the first week of the national lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on the 24th of this month. It was a hard but inevitable decision given the 130 crore population of our country and the status of health infrastructure. Extreme situations warrant such extreme options. The first week of the three week lockdown has raised hopes of meeting the challenge even as the duration of the fight remains uncertain at this stage.

Our spirited efforts are receiving global acknowledgment. The circles, boxes and the lines drawn at the grocery stores and vegetable markets to maintain physical distance, people lining up in queues, conversion of railway wagons into isolation wards, quick designing of testing tool kits and ventilators and enforcement of lockdown by the government machinery are being acknowledged as a mark of our resoluteness to fight the dreaded virus which has already taken a heavy toll of health and wealth across the nations.

Availability of essential commodities is being ensured across the nation while we are witnessing chaos in some developed nations in this regard.

There is no place for quibbling over some issues amidst such a massive national effort in this hour of crisis. Situation warrants that we present a united front instead of a divided one. I urge the intellectuals and others to hold back issues, if any till we overcome the crisis, while exercising their right to seek answers. I call upon them to come forward with suggestions for effectively tackling the menace.

Central and State Governments are doing their best to address the concerns and problems of the migrant labourers. I am confident that all necessary measures would be taken in quick time to address the same. Problems and issues being faced on the ground may be brought to the notice of the governments for resolving them in an appropriate manner.

Industrial establishments and contractors need to stand by the workforce who may be out of work during this lockdown by doing the needful to alleviate their hardship. Situation calls for a humanitarian approach on the part of all concerned.

Farming is our mainstay and all possible measures should be taken to enable normal harvest. Farmers and farm labourers should be handheld to harvest the produce in a safe manner. Governments shall ensure that all farm produce is procured at remunerative prices in the villages by doing the needful. I have spoken to the Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare and Cabinet Secretary regarding necessary interventions in this regard.

Home confinement over a prolonged period is a new experience. This offers an opportunity to make a virtue out of it. Away from the busy order of life, this gives us an opportunity to renew our bonds with the kin of the family by spending quality time with each other.

Share and Care is one of the core ethos of our society. Let us extend a helping hand to the needy and the vulnerable in an appropriate manner as we abide by the norms and requirements of national lockdown.

I urge the netizens to make proper and effective use of social media. Instead of disseminating unauthenticated and frivolous information about the Corona virus, let us use it for spreading the right awareness about the problem and the preventive and post-infection measures to be taken. Instead of creating a scare, we need to empower the people to face the challenge.

People’s cooperation is the key to effective actions of the governments in this hour of challenge. I urge the people to collectively rise to the occasion. Learning from the experiences of the first week of lockdown, let us cooperate over the next two weeks which is a critical period for containing the spread of the virus.

As a major component of the global humanity, let us be guided by the spirit of obligation towards the fellow humankind and act accordingly over the next two weeks. India’s success in containing the virus holds the key to the success of the global efforts.

Frontline warriors in the fight against the virus like doctors, paramedics, police forces, sanitation workers are rendering yeomen services despite risks involved. It is the duty of the people to do their bit by strictly observing social and physical distance and suggested sanitary practices.

Given the magnitude of efforts required and being mounted to fight the virus, I appeal to the people to generously contribute to PM CARES Fund. I whole heartedly appreciate the individuals and organizations who have done so.

I fondly hope that India shows the way in this hour of crisis.”