On Nag Panchami, snake bite 26 people in two days, one killed

The snake was killed on the day of Nag Panchami in Chilbila village of Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. To avenge this, Nagin has started. In 2 days, Naagin has cut 26 people poisoned. In which one died due to poison. This panic of snakes in the village. The prevailing belief in India is confirmed here that the snake takes revenge. Villagers reported that the snake was killed by the villagers on the day of Nagpanchami with a pair of snakes living in a village temple. Since then, has terrorized the village.

Poisonous snakes are constantly coming out of the water due to heavy rains in Babaganj area of ​​Rupaidiha police station. As snakes grow in the fields, people cannot get out. In some villages including Shankarpur, Chilbila, Belbharia, half a dozen people including three dozen villagers have been bitten by snakes. The snake bites the cattle being fed in Shankarpur. He survived and survived. Someone killed a poisonous snake. Subsequently, in two days, a total of 26 villagers including Sandeep, Pink Devi, Sheela Devi, Maya Devi, Zala, Neha, Dharma Prakash, Vipin, Chiraku were bitten by snakes. Munish Kumar’s son Shobharam died on Sunday.

Victims reported that the snake bites only when they are sleeping. But they have not seen the serpent. There is panic in the village, people are sending their children to relatives. The primary health center has a snake vaccine. Immediate arrangements should be made to take the patient to the hospital.