[:en]Government commits all support to Migrant Workers during lockdown[:]

[:en]MHA authorises States to use State Disaster Response Fund for relief measures for migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdown

Delhi 28 MAR 2020
As per the directions of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Government has committed all support to Migrant Workers during lockdown period, said Union Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah here today while reviewing the country’s preparedness to contain the spread of COVID-19.

With the intent of Modi Government to provide all possible support to migrant workers, the Union Home Secretary has again written to States requesting them to immediately set up Relief Camps for migrant workers/pilgrims etc who are returning to their domicile states or trying to do so during this lockdown period. States have been advised to give wide publicity and awareness, using public address systems, technology and by utilising the services of volunteers and NGOs, to precise information on:

(i) The location of the relief camps and the facilities being made available,

(ii) Relief package under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana and measures being taken by the State Government Administration.

States have been also advised to set up Relief Camps along the Highways for people moving on highways, including setting up of tented accommodation to ensure that these persons will stay in the relief camps till the lockdown orders are in place. The shelters are to be organised, keeping in view various precautions including social distancing, with adequate Medical check up drives to identify and separate cases requiring quarantine or hospitalisation.

MHA has also authorised all States to use the State Disaster Response Fund for providing such relief measures. These measures would further strengthen them to deal with this issue.[:]