1958 stranded Gujarat’s people return home from 11 countries under

Gandhinagar, 28 May 2020

From 7th May, 2020. A large number of Gujara’s people including students, travellers and many others were stranded amidst the pandemic. The first batch of passengers came on 12th May wherein 135 Gujarat people returned from USA. The flights are managed by Air India and Air India Express. Around 1958 passengers which include 146 passengers from Kuwait, 332 from Philippines, 435 from the U.K, 48 from Malaysia, 38 from Indonesia, 217 from Australia, 73 from USA, 93 from Singapore, 102 from Belarus, 176 from Canada and 66 from France have returned to Gujarat.

From 16th May and will last till 13th June, 2020. Flights from the UAE (29th and 31st May ), one from Oman and Qatar (30th May), one from Kuwait (1st June) , 2 from the U.K (8th June) and 2 from the USA (9th June) will reach Gujarat.

A total of 1869 passengers which includes 486 passengers from the U.K, 638 from USA and 745 from Gulf countries will be brought back to Gujarat.

Around 30 thousand Indians brought back through 158 special flights till 25th May, 2020 by the Ministry of External Affairs, GOI in co-operation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Providing details, Secretary to CM, Mr.Ashwani Kumar said.