[:en]Crude oil production lower than target[:]

[:en]Monthly Production Report for February,2020
Delhi, 24 MAR 2020

Crude oil production during February,2020 was 2399.51 TMT which is 16.99% lower than target and 6.41% lower when compared with February 2019. Cumulative crude oil production during April-February, 2019-20 was 29471.85 TMT which is 7.63% and 5.99% lower than target for the period and production during corresponding period of last year respectively. Unit-wise and State-wise crude oil production is given at Annexure-I. Unit-wise crude oil production for the month of February, 2020 and cumulatively for the period April-February, 2019-20 vis-à-vis same period of last year has been shown in Table-1[:]