1,400 people are fined Rs.2.50 lakh per person, in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: A fine of Rs 35 crores is to be levied on drivers who do not pay more than five e-currency. There are 1400 people who do not fill more than five e-memos. On an average, 1,400 people are fined Rs.2.50 lakh per person. Even if he does not sell his vehicle, he cannot pay the tax. 1,400 people have been asked to deposit a penalty within 10 days of receiving the notice.

According to the people, the victory of the BJP, which is elected by the people, is being collected from the people in the constituency of Rupani government and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. People are being oppressed. The cancellation of the RC book and license of the driver of the vehicle which has not submitted the penalty within 10 days will be dealt with.

A car driver has received 111 e-memos. Whose penalty amounts to 38 thousand. The traffic department will create a special recovery squad to recover e-mama penalties. The local police will also be involved in the operation.

The city traffic department has issued e-memo of Rs. Out of which the recovery could be Rs 24 crore. Which is like 33 percent. If the penalty amount is not paid within 10 days after notice, the driver’s license and RC book will be canceled.

A total of Rs54 crore was not recovered from the e-memo worth Rs 78 crore during the period from January-2015 to October-2019. General Chat Chat Lounge

Earlier, the Commissioner of Police had given permission to run 30 buses on private buses to run on city roads. However, amending the notification, Commissioner of Police AK Singh has given permission to operate 33-seat buses on the roads of Ahmedabad city.