A 10 minute conversation with a patient can make you a victim of corona

A new study has found that drops from the patient body, including coughs and sneezes, can infect you with the corona virus in ten minutes.

Erin Bromej, a scientist at the University of Massachusetts, has developed a new formula. Depending on how much corona virus infects you, it will be determined by the time you spend at the infected site.

Why is it safe to stay at home in this age of corona virus? Why are governments, doctors and scientists talking about social distance. Because the greater the distance, the safer you can be. There is no better way in the world to fight and defeat Covid-19.

Sneezing and coughing drops, spitting while talking, very small droplets in the air while breathing can make a healthy person suffer from corona virus.

“I’ve studied the infection. If a healthy person doesn’t maintain a social distance with a person infected with the corona, the infection can happen in 10 minutes,” said Erin Bromej.

In normal breathing, a person inhales 50 to 50 thousand drops of air through his nose and mouth. Which merges with the wind. Which can stay on the glass of your glasses. On another thing it can survive. It can be infected if the body is weakened and has no immunity.

Most of the drops fall to the ground due to gravity in normal atmosphere. But some remain floating in the air. In 10 minutes it will be infected with the virus.

10 times more drops are exhaled than conversation. I.e. 200 drops per minute. This means that a person infected with corona can spread 10,000 drops of the virus in the air during a conversation.

The virus stays in the air for 14 minutes. If you sit in front of an infected person and talk for 10 minutes, you will get the infection in the same ten minutes.