Corona’s horrific – record-breaking in India, 6 thousand cases in one day, 148 deaths

The total number of patients now stands at 1.18 lakh, according to an update released by the health ministry on Friday. Of these, 3583 people have lost their lives. More than 48,000 people are fined.

6088 new cases have been reported in 24 hours. 148 people have been killed. The number of patients has been crossing 5,000 every day for the last few days. Also on Wednesday 5611 new cases were received and on Thursday 5609 new cases were reported. There are currently 66 thousand active cases in the country.

The relief is that the number of people who have won the war with Corona is growing rapidly. So far, 48,000 people have recovered and are on the move.

Maharashtra has the highest number of 41,642 cases, with 2345 new cases reported in 24 hours. There are a total of 12 thousand 910 cases in Gujarat, 371 cases have been reported in 24 hours, while in Tamil Nadu more than 13 thousand 967 cases have been reported in Gujarat, 776 new cases have been reported in 24 hours.

The number of patients in Delhi is 11 thousand 659. 194 people have died, while 5,567 have recovered. The number of corona patients in Rajasthan is 6227. So far 151 people have been killed. At the same time, the total number of patients in Madhya Pradesh is 5981, in which 270 people have lost their lives.