As the summer draws to a close, the government is now planning to deliver water

Water Supply Minister Kunwarji Bawliya visited Navsari district to ensure that people do not face any problem of drinking water during the summer season. During the inspection of the filtration plant at Vansi Borsi, he said that timely and pure water would also be available in Chhewada talukas.

On this occasion, Minister Kunwarji Bawliya said, “During the inspection of the filtration plant, pumping station and headworks, if any defect or repair is required, it will be disposed of immediately. Top officials of the department have been instructed to ensure timely supply of drinking water to every village at full capacity. ”

As the summer season draws to a close, the government plans to deliver water to homes. This lax performance of the Gujarat government is now beginning to show.

It is noteworthy that the Gujarat government’s performance for Korona has been criticized from every corner of the country and abroad, but the government does not take the name of reform.