The average income of farmers is lower than that of peon

India’s GDP growth was minus 23.9 in the June 2020 quarter. In such bad times, the economy has received little support from the agricultural sector. Growth of the sector alone has been positive at 3.4 percent.

Despite this, farmers continue to cultivate and neglect. Farmers are facing thousands of challenges. Even after several years of independence, the maximum average income of farmers is less than peon; servant. Agricultural experts say the situation could worsen if the sector is not taken care of. The present Modi government is taking anti-farmer steps.

Double income in 2022 means Rs. 3500 per month

Four significant problems have been encountered over the years. There is no agreement yet. The average income of farmers in the country is only Rs 18,059. While the government pawn does not get a salary below Rs 25,000.

According to the 2016 Economic Survey, the annual income of farmers in 17 states of the country is only Rs 20,000. Modi has dreamed of doubling his revenue by 2022, saying how much revenue has increased. Twice means 40 thousand rupees per year. Which will be 3500 rupees per month.

Loss of Rs 45 lakh crore in 16 years

In the 16 years between 2000 and 2016-17, Indian farmers have incurred a loss of about 45 lakh crore rupees due to lack of fair value of their crops. According to the details released by the central government, farmers will have to spend Rs 50,000 per hectare. Diesel rates have been increased by about Rs 18.

The cost has increased by Rs 1600 per acre. On the other hand, the government rate of paddy has increased by only 53 paise per kg. There has been a loss of Rs 7 crore per village in 16 years. There is an average loss of 2.50 lakhs a year in each village. There are 6,55,959 villages, 5,427 cold stores. Farmers have poor crops.

Cow’s milk is less than a bottle of water

Each farmer has an average debt of Rs 47,000. 68 percent of income is negative. About 80 percent farmers are committing suicide due to non-repayment of bank loans. 60 percent of farmer families are in debt. Onion is being sold at Rs 3.5 per kg.

Maize is being sold at Rs. 10.20 per kg instead of Rs. 18.50 and Rs. 35 per kg instead of Rs. 72. Grapes are being sold at Rs 10 per kg. Floriculture has been ruined. Cow milk is sold at a lower price than a bottle of mineral water.