BJP government won 20 times the fees on vehicles

Gandhinagar, 18 March 2021
For vehicles older than 15 years, the fee for renewal of RC certificate and vehicle fitness certificate has increased 8 to 20 times. It is a part of the government’s policy that it implements a scrapping policy. It will be implemented in Gujarat from October. The Ministry of Road Transport has proposed to increase the fees by issuing a draft notification.

5000 for RC renewal. RC renovation of the old bike will cost 1000 rupees. Currently, the fee is only Rs. A fee of Rs 12,500 will be charged for the renewal of the fitness certificate of bus or truck. This is about 21 times the current fee.

The new proposal to increase fees is part of the policy to remove old vehicles from the road. Delay in RC renewal will attract a penalty of Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month. Delay in the renewal of the fitness certificate of commercial vehicles will result in a fine of Rs 50 per day.

RC will have to be renewed every 5 years when the home vehicle is 15 years old. If the commercial vehicle is 8 years old, then it will have to take a fitness certificate every year.

The Ministry of Road Transport has also issued a draft to open a registered scraping center for scraping vehicles that do not pass the fitness test. One can issue a scraping certificate so that you can get a discount on buying a new car.

If there is something wrong with the car purchase, the car manufacturer will have to take it back. Will give a new car in front of him. The company will be fined between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1 crore.