3 players who won the world cup do black labor to raise the mark in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 26 July 2021
Naresh Tumda, Anil Garia and Ganesh Mondkar of Gujarat, who played an important role in India getting the ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup and Asia Cup for the blind, are forced to live by working today.

In this regard, Congress leader Arjunbhai Modhwadia said that Naresh Tumda, Anil Garia, Ganesh Mondkar played an important role in helping India win the 2018 World Cup for the blind.

These 3 players have made the country proud by giving their splendid contribution in various competitions. For this he worked hard. He hoped that after winning the World Cup, the state government would give him a job.

The BJP’s unsuccessful Vijay Rupani government then posed for a photo with him and congratulated him on his achievement and also assured him of a job. But today after four years, neither these players have got jobs nor has the government taken any initiative to find out their problems in such a short time.

The negligence of the government has forced them to work with tears in their eyes and despair.

Congress leader Arjunbhai Modhwadia said that Congress MLA from Vansda of Navsari, Anant Patel had also approached the assembly to provide jobs and financial assistance to the three players.

If the BJP government does not listen to the representation of its own MLAs, then where does it listen to the representations of our MLAs? Congress party will continue its efforts to get justice for these players. Those players who are the pride of Gujarat should give respect and support to the BJP government!