BJP leader who secretly went to meet ‘women frind’ fell down from the second floor

Chandra Prakash Kathuria, a BJP leader from Panchkula in Haryana, who had come to meet a female friend in a lockdown, was knocked down on two floors of a high-rise building in Chandigarh. He was hospitalized in critical condition. They are not yet in a position to give a statement to the police. The leg is fractured. The leader could not say anything as police sustained serious injuries.

BJP leader Chandra Prakash Kathuria had suddenly reached Chandigarh to meet a female friend. During this time someone rang the doorbell of the flat.
BJP leader Chandra Prakash Kathuria slipped on a rope hanging from the balcony of the flat to avoid being caught and slipped and fell from a high two-story building, injuring himself.

BJP leader Chandra Prakash is critically injured, a phone call was received at the police control room on Friday. PCRA admitted him to the hospital. The video of the incident is also going viral on social media.

They secretly went to meet a female friend.