Hope – Corona virus eradicated from the world quickly, new research

It’s hard to say when the horrible corona virus world will end. The World Health Organization has declared that Corona will have to learn to live with her for 4 years and that her insects will be linked to human life.

Now the Singapore University of Technology has speculated that the coronavirus in Britain could end by September 30 and the US by November.

There are many questions in the minds of people about corona virus. Especially with the lockdown, everyone is worried about when they will get out of this situation. Scientists have estimated how long the corona virus will live in some countries of the world. The infection will be in the US until November 11, according to the Innovation Lab at the University of Technology in Singapore.

In Italy it will end on 12 August. At the same time, Singapore will get rid of the corona virus on July 19. All of these dates are calculated based on current conditions, infection rates, and death data.

The guess is even more important because a few days ago, experts claimed that by June, deaths from corona in the UK would be over.

The SUT has also issued a warning with this estimate. Accordingly, ‘models and data are fairly complex and also vary depending on the situation in different countries. It is difficult to guess clearly about them. It has also been said that the first date should not be exaggerated in view of the last date. It should not happen that people become less severe and stop taking the necessary steps to control the virus.

A few days ago, Alok Sharma, a British official, said that it was possible that the UK could never find a vaccine for Covid-19. Despite our best efforts, we cannot get vaccinated against the virus.