BJP’s resignation in Kalol Municipality of Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 30 November 2023
Nine municipal councilor of BJP have resigned in Kalol Municipality of Gujarat. His work was not being done in the ward. The party is ignoring. He submitted his resignation demanding to be relieved from membership. On completion of the tenure of two and a half years, a new Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee were appointed in Kalol Municipality. Angered by this, nine municipal councilor resigned.

There is a rebellion against the resignation of state chief CR Patil.

Appointed chairman of committees. Out of which three chairmen also resigned. The party’s image has also been tarnished due to repeated incidents of resignations in Gujarat.

There is a situation of breakdown in relations between Kalol city and Taluka BJP. BJP has won the Taluka Panchayat by insisting on the top, now the time has come to lose the Municipality.

The matter was later resolved with a conditional agreement. The conditions were not complied with even after a month of this incident. Due to non-compliance, nine members resigned before the general meeting. Instead of giving positions to old and committed civil servants of the party, positions were given to those who defected from other parties and engaged in anti-party activities.

Nine members had resigned from the municipality before the general meeting was held. Then, along with the Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Chairman of other committees was also appointed. Hours after the resignation of disgruntled BJP members, chairmen of three newly appointed committees also resigned.

Prakashbhai Varaghade as Chairman of Standing Committee, Sonaliben Bhagora as Chairman of Legal Committee, Urvashi Patel as Chairman of Social Justice Committee, Jalpa Vyas as Chairman of Transport Committee, Bhagwati Brahmbhatt as Chairman of Town Planning. As Chairman of the Committee, Nikhil Barot was appointed as the Chairman of the Construction Committee. Virendra Singh Rathore as Chairman of the Water Works Committee, Laxmiben Bhootadia as Chairman of the Sanitation Committee, Shailendra Singh Vaghela as Chairman of the Tax Committee, Bhavana Acharya as Chairman of the Festival Committee, Suez Farm as Chairman of the Committee. Seema Nayak as Clerk Committee Chairperson, Meena Jethwani as Light Committee Chairperson, Garden Committee Chairperson. Ramila Patel, Kinjal Parmar as Chairman of the Finance Committee, Alpa Patel as Chairman of the Estate Market Committee, Usha Rawal as Chairman of the Grants Committee, Mukund Parikh as Chairman of the Housing Scheme Committee, Chairman of the Selection Committee Shaileshbhai Patel as Chairman, Urban Livelihood Mission Committee Jagdish Prajapati as Chairman

Who resigned whom?

Due to dissatisfaction in Kalol Municipality, nine members have resigned from the post of municipal servants. These members include Jitu Patel, Pradeep Singh Gohil, Ketan Sheth, Chetan Patel, Krina Joshi, Ami Arabastani, Dinesh Patel, Bhupendra Patel and Manu Choudhary. While Light Committee Chairman Thakor Jashodaben, Finance Committee Chairman Parmar Kinjalben and Urban Livelihood Mission Committee Chairman Jagdish Prajapati have resigned.