Boycott Made in China, Weakens Economic Situation – Scientist Sonam Wangchuck

Real Life’s Funsukh Wangdu means scientist Sonam Wangchuck has a different system of training. Sonam Wangchuck is the person whose life was covered in the film 3 IDIOTS starring Aamir Khan.


The role of Aamir Khan was written with Wangchuck in mind. Sonam has been working for a change in education for many years. With the help of his innovative ideas, he has changed the sickle of education in Ladakh.

Teach China a lesson

To teach China a lesson, scholar and innovator Sonam Wangchuk has launched a campaign to boycott Made in China goods and weaken its economic position.

Now they have come to the fore to change China’s sickle. He has appealed to people across the country not to use Chinese goods and mobiles. If your mobile has Hello, TikTalk or any other Chinese mobile app, delete it immediately.

Chinese troops invade Indian territory and build. And India accuses the country of doing so. Then scientist Sonam Wangchuck has appealed to everyone through video. In which saffron English BJP, Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers also come.

They use Chinese goods and mobiles on a daily basis. He has appealed to a true patriot from Ladakh on the banks of the river Indus not to use these goods.

“Chinese goods should be boycotted on such a large scale that their economy collapses and the anger of the people against the government grows,” Wangchuk said. At present India is dependent on China for many things like manufacturing, hardware, medicine raw materials, medical instruments, slippers and shoes.

Close that. Chinese goods should be boycotted on such a large scale that its economy collapses and the people of that country get angry and overthrow the Chinese government.

Goods bought from China will go into the pockets of the Chinese government, through which they will buy guns and use them against us. If we also buy some expensive goods of our country, it will be useful for our laborers and farmers. We do not allow the Chinese government to use our country’s money for the army against us.

The boycott must be systematic: Wangchuk

Can’t boycott Chinese things right away. It has to be done in a planned way. Remove the boycott of hardware items for a year, meanwhile our country’s companies are looking for ways to get resources from other countries. Companies based on raw materials start sourcing in other ways.

Chinese software should be boycotted in a week and Chinese hardware in a year. Don’t take anything made in China. A non-Chinese market has to be created before China can boycott.

The campaign will only be successful if it starts with the people. Companies from other countries like Bangladeshi, Vietnam will come. Products made in China will have the opportunity to empty them in India.

This campaign will only succeed when it starts on behalf of the people, we should not leave everything to the government. The central government has started this. In the case of boycotting Chinese goods, the deficiency is not of the government but of the citizens. We buy Made in China goods for our convenience.

If people’s thinking changes, the government will have to change its policies automatically. The campaign should start with the people.

Who is Sonam Wangchuck?

Sonam Wangchuk was born on September 1, 1966. Ladakhi is an engineer, inventor and education reformer. According to the founding students, Ladakh is a victim of the foreign education system. Sonam is also known for designing a SECMOL complex that runs entirely on solar-energy, and does not use fossil fuels for cooking, lighting or heating.

Sonam Wangchuk is also credited with launching Operation New Hope in 1994 in collaboration with the government, rural communities and civil society to improve the government school system.

After obtaining an engineering degree in 1988, Sonam Wangchuck founded the Students Education and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) and started coaching students in Ladakh. In 1994, Wangchuck launched Operation New Hope (ONH).

ONH had 700 teachers, 1000 VEC leaders. This gave the students a lot of advantage in the matriculation examination. In 1996, 5 per cent students could pass, while in 2015, the figure increased to 75 per cent.

In 2018, Magsaysay received awards for his discovery.

Sonam Wangchuck is known in a way by many Indians – foreigners. Sonam Wangchuck is the original source of inspiration for Aamir Khan’s superhit film ‘Three Idiots’. These qualified engineers have brought tremendous changes in the field of engineering and also in the lives of the common people in Ladakh.

He has made extraordinary efforts in educating the children and youth of Ladakh. He has shown tremendous leadership in finding solutions to real and very complex problems in a bold, constructive and practical way.

Artificial glaciers

Sonam has invented ice-stupa technology that creates artificial glaciers, these cone-shaped ice caps are used to store winter water.

Sonam Wangchuck is the founder of the Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL).

Wangchuck says on one occasion it was the month of May. The ice in the pool between the schools was not melting. Ice melts in the light and does not melt in the shade. It was difficult to shade the frozen lake on the village.

But he made ice cubes in the shape of inverted conch shells. The advantage was that less of the ice was exposed to the sun’s rays. This helps to prevent excessive melting of ice.

In the cold season of 2013, Wangchuck and his students built an ice pillar with the help of 150,000 liters of frozen water. Whose height was 3,000 meters. The experiment used gravity to sprinkle water upstream and turn the evaporator into ice before it fell to the ground.

If these artificial glaciers were stored in water tanks, the plants would be watered with the help of drip irrigation system. Approximately 1 million liters of water is supplied from the largest ice cone in Ladakh. Artificial glaciers are also known as ice stupas. Because it looks like a Tibetan religious place.

Wangchuck was awarded the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise for this invention. One crore rupees received through this award was used for the construction of Himalayan Institute of Alternatives.

This will allow the students to bear the cost of their own education. Different children from the Himalayan regions come here for training.

There is a desire to open Himalayan Institute of Alternatives in the future. The institute will have business, tourism and other departments.