Experiments are being conducted in Rajkot to treat corona with Ayurvedic medicine

Gandhinagar, 29 May 2020
Ayurvedic treatment is done with the consent of Corona patients staying at Rajkot Kovid-19 Civil Hospital. 4 persons were allowed to recover through Ayurvedic treatment.

According to the guideline of AYUSH department, first the people who were quarantined in different stages were given first aid through Ayurvedic treatment, then in patients with A symptoms, then in patients with mild symptoms, now the severe patients will also be treated. Parmar said.

People say that not only coronary but also many other ailments have been cured by consuming boiled water. Some patients said that stomach ailments, vomiting, headaches and skin diseases were also eliminated. Says Parmar.

There is an Ayurvedic treatment method of rinsing turmeric, salt and boiling it daily. The epidemics of corona include Vati of Sansham, Trikatu Churna, Yashtimadhu Dhanvati, ‘Ayu-64’, Dashmul Kawath, Pakhavadi Kawath treatment. Also the Superintendent of Government Ayurvedic Hospital University Road Rajkot Dr. Jayesh Parmar said.

Distributed 70,000 infusions and medicine kits in two days at Jungleshwar in Rajkot. That worked and the transition rate in the area dropped.

Cough and flatulence increase in the body, digestive power decreases and the effect of the virus increases. This virus cannot increase its transmission to our body if we control the sore throat and control the air which is the carrier. This is the only thing that makes this boil and shoot.

Sesame seeds contain herbs like pepper, which break down the phlegm, cure fever and brighten the stomach. While trikatu powder, in which equal parts of ginger, pepper and pepper are boiled at 2 grams per person or licked with honey, this medicine breaks the phlegm, inflames the stomach. While Yashtimadhu is known as Dhanvati, Jethimadhu, it cures sore throat, cough, cold and chills. In this way, ‘Ayu 64’ is a patented medicine, which contains herbs like Kadu, Kariyatu, Saptaparna, Sagargota which destroys trigeminal neuralgia in the morning and evening and ignites gastritis.

In Dashmul Kawath, roots of ten different herbs including Shaliparni, Prashanparna, Brihati, Kantakari, Gaukshur, Bilva, Shyanek, Patla, Gobhari, Charani are collected and made into powder. Which removes the disorder of speech, bile and phlegm as well as ignites gastritis. While Pakhavadi decoction, herbs including herde, behda, throat, neem, bhonimb are made into semi-sweet sugar decoction which increases fever, headache and digestive power.

Consumption of the above various herbs releases essential vitamins and minerals to the body due to complete digestion of gastrointestinal food. As a result, immunity can be enhanced to protect against corona. According to Dr. Jayeshbhai said.

To date, more than 12 lakh booze and medicine kits have been distributed in different areas of Rajkot in collaboration with various organizations.

At home, about 10 basil leaves, boiled in 1 glass of water by killing two quarters of the water rises and drinking it inflames the stomach. There has to be a femolic compound group in Tulsi. Which is antiviral. In addition, sucking black grapes, incense of lemon, google or camphor can purify the air and remove toxins in the house. Mustard, salt and ajma should be taken.

There is a direct relationship between the mind and the body, so always be happy and spread the day with joy. To meditate. Yoga and pranayama calm the mind and chitta. Yes food is also digestible. Eat green vegetables, kheechadi, dal rice etc. lightly. Do not overeat and leave one portion empty.