China deploys nuclear bombers to India near Ladakh

While Chinese leaders are claiming peace and stability along the Line of Actual Control with India, the People’s Liberation Army is increasing its strength near the border. The border is located at Kashgar Airport. A satellite diagram of the Open Intelligence source Detrace shows the strategic bombers and other matters arranged in the airbase. Given the distance from Ladakh, it is feared that the deployment is due to tension from India.

Satellite photographs show the base has 6 Shian H-6 bombers with 2 2 payloads. In addition, there are 12 Shian Jh-7 fighter bombers, of which two are payloads. At the same time, there are 4 Shenyang J 11/16 fighter jets with a range of 3530 km. These bombers are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The strike force of the aircraft is 600 km. While the H-6 has a range of 6000 km. Has also drilled in the South China Sea. The ship H-6J can carry seven YJ-12 supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, 6 of which can keep their wings down. The practice of getting ready in wartime.

The Shenyang aircraft can fly at a speed of 2500 km per hour. The aircraft currently has more than 250 units in China. The aircraft is a variant of the SU-27SK of Russia. The aircraft is capable of defending against air and ground attacks. Many types of missiles can be placed at 10 hard points. 8 airbase or helipad enabled. The aircraft deployed at the airport include the Shenyang J-8 interceptor aircraft and the Shenyang Falker. Apart from this, AWACS Shanxi Y-8G and KJ-500 are deployed here.