Cleared 50 TP-DP Schemes in first five months

With a determination of seedy and well plan development of urban areas in the state, Gujarat Chief Minster Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has cleared as many as 50 Town Planning Schemes (TP) – Development Plan (DP) in first five months of year-2019. The clearance of these 50 TPs have given developmental planning for over 5,000 hectares of land areas.
Since his taking charge as Chief Minister to the end of year-2018, Mr. Rupani had granted permission for over 100-TP schemes. With clearing of another 50 TP schemes in first five months of year-2019, he has set a record of granting total permission for 150 TP-DP.
With recently ended code-of-conduct period after culmination of Lok Sabha elections, the Chief Minister has cleared 21 TPs and 2 DPs in Gandhinagar, today.
Of newly cleared TPs by the Chief Minister included, permission for 3 primary TP schemes and one draft TP in Ahmedabad city. These schemes are – TP 112 of Odhav, TP 54 of Ognaj and TP 1 of Bopal and draft TP 28 of Ghatlodiya-Sola- Chandlodiya areas. In addition, primary scheme of Puna 20 of Surat city was granted permission.
Another 12 TP files cleared included, TP 15 Vavdi and TP 27 Mavdi of Rajkot, TP 89 Vatva-1, 109 Muthiya-Lilasiya-Hanshpura, and 111 Nikol – Kathwada of Ahmedabad, 6 Unjha and 1 First Varid of Unjha, 38 Variyav of Surat, 1 Khanpur – Sevashi of Vadodara, and GUDA 16 Pethapur and 13 Vavol of Gandhinagar.
The Chief Minister has also given clear instructions to the TPO/CTP and department to finish outstanding TPs without any delay thus no hurdles remain in the development of the cities.
Mr. Rupani also granted primary permission to the development plans of Karjan and Zaghadiya – Sultanpur and TP1 of Bilimora and other varied schemes, and draft scheme 19 and 20 Nari of Bhavnagar city.