Corona Hotel has become a selfie point in Gujarat

Palanpur, 23 May 2020

Hotel Corona Infectious disease of Corona already exists in Gujarat. The hotel opened in 2015. People are flaunting Corona’s name. Then people in Banaskantha have been going to eat, drink and live for 5 years. Barkatbhai, who started Hotel Korona, is a resident of Siddhpur in North Gujarat.

In Banaskantha, on the Rajasthan border, people see a hotel called Korona in Amirgarh in front of it. As Pali passes on this major highway, people are shocked to see this Corona Hotel. Then he takes a selfie with his mobile phone. The hotel, which was the center of attraction among the people, has now become a selfie point.

The hotel is currently closed due to a lockdown. Havi is preparing to open.

Hotel name on Urdu word

When Barkatbhai started this hotel in 2015, he came up with the idea of ​​what the name was. Then he remembered the word Korona in Urdu. In Urdu, corona means, star galaxy. He says that whenever people are in a situation of lockdown