Corona will plunge a total of 500 million people in India into abject poverty

According to a report by the Think Tank Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate rose to 8.7% in March. That is the highest figure in the last 43 months.

In the week from March 24 to 31, 2020, it increased directly by 23.8%.

Figures for 2017-18 show that unemployment in India has risen historically and the cost of food for poor households in rural areas is declining. In other words, the level of poverty has increased by five percent in the year 2017-18. Corona crisis has hit India at such a difficult time.

About 2 crore workers work in the construction sector. Even after the lockdown is over, it is going to be difficult to get everyone back to work together.

In India, 400 million workers are sinking deeper into poverty. The Oxfam organization believes that the Corona epidemic will push the fight against poverty back 30 years in some parts of the world.

WASHINGTON: The Coronavirus epidemic will plunge 60 million people worldwide into poverty, the World Bank said on Tuesday. As part of the crisis response, the global body has announced 160 160 billion in aid to 100 developing countries within 15 months.

“More than 60 million people are living in poverty due to epidemics and the closure of developed economies,” World Bank President David Malpos told reporters. The progress that the world has made in recent times towards the eradication of poverty will come to an end.

He said, ‘The World Bank Group has taken swift action and launched emergency relief operations in 100 countries. This allows other donors to move the program faster. He said 160 160 billion would be disbursed in 15 months.

These 100 countries, supported by the World Bank, make up 70 percent of the world’s population. One-third of the total project is in fragile and extremist-affected areas such as Afghanistan, Chad, Haiti and Niger.

“To get back on the path to growth, the epidemic, cash and other aid to help the poor, the private sector must be maintained. And all countries must work to strengthen and revive the economy,” Malpos said.

We have to work for people who are shaken health, economically and socially.