epidemic is not over yet, Rising cases of coronavirus infection

New Delhi: Rising cases of coronavirus infection from India to South Africa, Russia, and Mexico show that the epidemic is not over yet.

The number of infected people is increasing at a time when Asia, Europe, and many American states have made significant progress in the fight against the coronavirus. They are focusing on ways to reopen the economy.

American automakers, French teachers, and people in malls in Thailand have returned to work.

Many places have emerged as new hotspots in the vast country of Russia with a population of 147 million. In the last 24 hours, 9,263 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported, bringing the total number of infected people to close to three lakh. Moscow alone accounts for 50% of Russia’s total infections. 2,837 people have been killed.

Russia is now second only to the US in terms of infection. Where 1.5 million people have been infected, 90,000 people have lost their lives.

In Latin America, 4,83,400 people have been infected with the coronavirus and 30,900 have died.

Brazil was the most infected country, becoming the third most affected country in the world on Monday evening with 250,000 Kovid-19 patients.

At the same time, some new countries have been added. In Iran, where the number of new infections dropped in April, cases are rising again in May.

The situation is different in 85 provinces of Russia. Some are struggling to keep the infection under control. In the Muslim-majority southern province of Dagestan, the number of infected people is growing rapidly. There are reports of a large number of patients coming to hospitals.

The number of coronavirus infections in India has crossed one lakh and cases are increasing in 8 states. Migrant workers are coming here due to lockdown. Kovid has killed more than 3,100 people in India.

The lockdown in Bangladesh has been extended to May 30. Despite this, thousands of cars were seen on the roads of the capital Dhaka. The rules for opening shops in Eid have been relaxed. Public transport has been suspended, but thousands of garment factories are operating in the country.

A crisis could soon erupt in the Latin American country of Chile.

The transition to the poorer areas of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, is on the rise, with some businesses relaxed and strict lockdown rules relaxed to allow children to move out of the house over the weekend.

Colombia is struggling to contain the epidemic in the city of Leticia, on the border with Brazil. There is no place for the recruitment of patients in hospitals and they are being sent to hotels. 16,295 people have been confirmed infected, with 592 deaths.

With 36 million Americans applying to take advantage of unemployment, economic concerns have exacerbated political debates.