Demand for extension of Ph.D. Research Fellowship


Research in Gujarat, Ph.D. Scholars – Demand for extension of Research Fellowships given to researchers receiving Fellowships.

Chief Minister Fellowship for Higher Research in the State of Gujarat has been started by the Government of Gujarat. Under this “research” (development plan of high quality research) there is provision of financial assistance to the PhD Scholar for two years which is very useful and a relief to the researcher.

Fellowships helped the economic crisis in the Corona period but the research work was not enough so the burden of research in the third year is very high. Due to the high cost of data analysis, expensive chemistry, paper work, field work, software access and training, seminars, conferences, thesis work and accommodation, there is a special need for financial assistance in the final year.

UGC Ph.D. According to the rule of. The minimum period is three years and the maximum is six years. Researchers are being given SHODH Fellowship by the State Government for a period of 3 years. Fellowships of other centers like UGC, ICPR, CSIR are given for a period of three to five years. Gujarat State Researcher / Ph.D. In the third year, the duration for Karta students should be extended by converting the “Research” (Planning) Fellowship into a Senior Fellowship so that the Research Scholar himself can obtain an excellent Ph.D. Could complete the work. So that their contribution can give impetus to higher R&D activities in the state.

Since full-time PhD students have no job or other source of income, financial aid can help reduce the burden of student tuition costs on the family.