Free Education in Gujarat in 2023 – 1 Lakh RTE Students Seek Admission, Income Pattern Scam

Gandhinagar, 5 May 2023
More than 83,000 seats are reserved in 9,855 private schools in the state. There was a scam in RTE admission in Rajkot city 3 years back. In two months, 2500 copies of Awak were printed, all of which showed an income of Rs.68000. Those earning more than Rs 2.5 lakh also registered an income of Rs 68,000. In the zone, 5141 were fired in July, 5038 in August and 3775 in September. Most of the July and August revenue samples were used for admission under RTE. It is believed that even in 2023, this scam is going on in the entire state.

More than six English medium schools in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have hired detective agencies to check the documents submitted under RTE. These detective agencies check all the documents submitted under RTE.
On checking with the staff of the private school, it was found that there were 10 families who, despite being rich, took admission in the school under RTE. The family had a car, a two-room house and a kitchen, and the mother and father earned Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 was earning. This time the schools have hired a detective agency. Which investigates the family admitted under RTE.

Annual Rs. Income limit of 1.50 lakh applicable for general category family. The income limit for other category of family has been kept lower. Complaints were received from three schools for taking admission under RTE. The family who presented the wrong documents were summoned. They are given work by the schools. Any suspected case is reported. Have asked to check all the necessary documents in this suspicious case. This year schools in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have taken advantage of the detective service. Schools also offer payment in the form of fees for doing this work.

Children from weaker and disadvantaged groups are admitted to primary schools in a completely transparent manner under the RTE by the state government. Under the RTE Act, 25 per cent children are admitted in Class-I in unaided private primary schools. A total of 98,501 applications were received online for the academic year 2023-24. Out of which 68,135 applications were approved. As per the list of Deputy Director of Education, 14,532 applications were rejected due to various reasons like incomplete documents, while 15,834 applications were rejected by the applicant.
The list further states that a total of 82,820 posts in various mediums were to be filled under the RTE in a total of 9,854 unaided primary schools in the state. Out of which, in the first phase, admission of 54,903 students will be done as per the rules of selection of schools and students available within 6 km radius. Whereas at the end of first round admission allotment, 27,917 posts remained vacant in the state due to lack of selection of applicants. Information about admission in the first phase under RTE has been given to the parents through SMS. All these students on the next date. On 13/05/2023 Saturday, personally visiting the respective school and getting admission.
Applicants who will not be allotted admission will be given an opportunity to re-select the schools before the second phase, so that after the completion of the process of the first phase, maximum number of children belonging to weaker and deprived sections can be given admission on the vacant seats. After that the admission process will be done as per the rules of the second round.

Advertisement for admission of children in class-1 under RTE

The matter of filling RTE form for free admission in class one in private schools has come to the fore.

After taking admission, one has to study free of cost in a private school till class 8.

What documents will be required?

To know the complete schedule of RTE Admission open the link given below

◆ Date: Online Form Filling Period from 10-4-2023 to 22-4-2023

Form Acceptance Date: 29/04/2023
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RTE Admission Seat Allotment : 03/05/2023


Documents Required for RTE Admission 2023
Sequence Document Name Valid Evidence Description
Proof of Residence Valid Aadhaar – Details of Evidence Aadhaar Card/Passport/Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Election Card/Ration Card/Any of the above Aadhaar Registered Rent Agreement is not required. If any of the above grounds is not proved, then the Rent Agreement along with the Rent Agreement registered as per Gujarat Stamp Act 1958 and submitted to the concerned Police Station will be considered valid. (Notarized rent agreement will not be valid)
Caste Certificate of Guardian from Mamlatdar Shree or Social Welfare Officer, Taluka Development Officer or Competent Authority
Birth Certificate Gram Panchayat / Municipal Corporation, Municipal Corporation, Birth / Hospital Registration Certificate / Anganwadi, Balwadi Registration Certificate / Notarized Affidavit of Parent or Guardian
Photograph Passport size color photograph
If the income certificate of the guardian is an old income copy, then the certificate of Mamlatdar, Taluka Development Officer or Competent Authority will be accepted. The new income pattern will be considered valid from the public service center itself. (After 01/04/2019) Only the latest income statement (after 01/04/2021) given by Talati of Gram Panchayat at the village level will be valid.
BPL 0 to 20 marks BPL category guardian can represent Taluka Development Officer or District Rural Development Agency for rural area while Deputy Municipal Commissioner for urban area or competent authority in case of Municipal Corporation, Chief Officer of Municipal Corporation Area and in the case of Municipal Corporation, the Chief Officer in the notified area has to set the example of the Chief Executive Officer or Administrative Officer. In urban areas where there is no list of BPL category beneficiaries with score 0 to 20, the beneficiary included in the BPL list will have to submit a certificate from the competent authority with the BPL list number. BPL Ration Card will not be considered as BPL Aadhaar.
Certificate from Mamlatdar or Social Welfare Officer of Nomadic Tribes and Scheduled Castes and Taluka Development Officer or any other competent authority
Orphan child’s certificate from the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of the district
Children in need of care and protection certificate from Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of that district
Child Welfare Committee (CWC) certificate of the district for the children of the children’s home
Child Labor/Migrant Laborer’s Child Certificate and Civil Surgeon Certificate obtained from the Labor Officer of the Labor and Employment Department of that district
Children with Cerebral Palsy Certificate of Civil Surgeon
Children with Special Needs (Divyang) Certificate of Civil Surgeon (minimum 40%)
(ART) Children having Anti-Retroviral Therapy Certificate from Civil Surgeon
Example of Competent Authority of Accounts in respect of Children of Martyred Jawans
For the category of the only daughter in the child, for example, Talati Minister for rural area and Chief Officer for Municipal Corporation area and their competent officer for metropolitan area is the only girl child.
Children studying in a Government Anganwadi means children who have studied in a Government Anganwadi for at least 2 years and whose names are registered on the ICDS-CAS website as having studied in that Anganwadi, means the concerned Anganwadi worker or Government designated officer to set an example
Child’s Aadhaar Card Copy of Child’s Aadhaar Card
Copy of Aadhaar Card of Guardian Copy of Aadhaar Card of Guardian
Bank details Xerox of passbook of the bank account of the child or guardian