Devli yield of 5462 kg rice against 2500 kg per hectare

Dilip Patel – 28 March 2022
Deoli pillar variety is found in paddy. Which claims to give 30 percent more yield per hectare. New variety G. R. 18 – Deoli Stambha (NVSR-2528) has an average yield of 5462 kg per hectare. This variety has been prepared by Navsari Krishi Vishwavidyalaya.

The average production in Gujarat is 2500 kg per hectare. One hectare can yield 3,000 kg more. That is, more than double the output can be obtained.

In 2021-22, kharif was expected to produce 2 million tonnes in 8.18 lakh hectares. The Agriculture Department expects 2493.33 kg per hectare. If it is cultivated in the whole of Gujarat, then 20 lakh tonnes of rice can be increased directly to 50 lakh tonnes.

Which produces 29.1 percent more than GR-4 and Mahisagar.

The grain is 61.8% of medium-fine and more whole-grain rice.

The new variety of paddy has moderate resistance to leaf blight, brown seed disease and leaf blight.

The new variety of paddy is resistant to leaf sucker, leaf feeding caterpillar, Gabamara caterpillar, leaf litter.

Recommended for growing all over Gujarat.