District Weather Center given information to farmers and traders of Gujarat, there would have been no loss of crores of rupees

Gandhinagar, 11 September 2020
It was announced to set up automatic weather stations in 7 districts of Gujarat. It was said that farmers and people would get accurate information about the weather 6 days ago. These 7 districts included Panchmahal, Dahod, Amreli, Dang, Narmada, Jamnagar and Vadodara. Despite the end of the 2020 monsoon, not a single farmer benefited. The international cost of a center is around Rs 5 lakh. Despite spending so much, farmers in 7 districts of Gujarat have not been benefited during the 2020 monsoon. The farmers did not know whether it would rain or not. The Central Meteorological Center of the Central Government could not provide weather information to the people of the district. These stations are built in two thousand square meters.
Farmers are not able to get timely information about the weather patterns, causing great harm to their crops or animals. So decided to build this center. For information, it is too late for the farmer to reach the farmer through the State Meteorological Department or the Agro-Meteorological Department. By then its crop is destroyed.

How many farmers were to benefit
There are 14 lakh hectares in 7 districts of Gujarat. There are 4 lakh farmers in these districts. There are 1 lakh traders and industries. Those who were told about the loss or gain of the weather. Panchmahal has 1.62 lakh hectares, Dahod 2.13 lakh hectares, Amreli 3.35 lakh hectares, Dang 56 thousand hectares, Narmada 1 lakh hectares, Jamnagar 3.46 lakh hectares and Vadodara 1.97 lakh hectares.

Can be done up to 6 days ago
Automated weather station with special technology by the Rural Agricultural Weather Service was to notify the farmers 6 days in advance. It has not happened. Even though this center has been set up to protect the crops from the weather, the crops of farmers of this district have been destroyed due to heavy rains. Farmers do not know when it will rain or not.

No information found
If they had got the information early, they could change their agricultural work. Fodder can be stored for livestock, what should be done to protect the farm or crop prepared by heavy rains can be easily determined based on the information of the meteorological department. After the establishment of the Center by the Central Government, it was the duty of the State Government to make its information available to the farmers. BJP’s Vijay Rupani government has failed. Weather information was to be sent via SMS on Kisan Portal, print, television channel, television, radio, internet and mobile phones. The Rupani government could not give any information to the farmers.

The forecast was to be reported every Tuesday and Friday
Crop protection, pest infestation, animal husbandry advice, horticulture, flower crops and planting advice were to be given. For that, the district had to make a mobile application. The forecast was to be reported every Tuesday and Friday. The farmers and people of the district had a week beforehand that farmers would be able to protect their crops from rain, sun and seasonal changes. Avoiding the weather. But this has not happened. The business was to benefit the people.

Japan has been making such predictions for 45 years
Since 1974, Japan has been conducting weather observations, weather, wind direction and speed, type of clouds, rainfall, visibility, air temperature, humidity, duration of sunlight and atmospheric pressure. At unmanned stations, people in the district or specific area are advised every 10 minutes. In India, along with Gujarat, 200 stations have been set up in every state, but the details do not reach farmers or people. Some have also closed down. Japan is 45 years ahead of Gujarat. Gujarat government has been doing this technique since 2001. But if he did nothing, it did him no good.