Income of people in Ahmedabad increased by 3.85 percent in a year

Ahmedabad, 10 January 2024
Tax revenue in Ahmedabad was Rs 4466 crore. Property tax Rs. Revenue of Rs 1127 crore. Property income has increased. People’s income has increased by only 3.85 percent. But rich people are challenging Metro Rail, BRTS, AMTS buses by buying more vehicles.
8 thousand properties were sealed for non-payment of tax. Till December 31, 8212 properties were sealed. 903 properties were sealed in Central Zone, 1174 in North Zone, 1229 in South Zone, 1586 in East Zone, 1551 in West Zone, 990 in North West and 779 in South West. One lakh properties were sought by March 2023.
Rs 130 crore in central zone, Rs 98 crore in north zone, Rs 100 crore in south zone. Rs 123 crore, West Rs 190 crore. 222 crores and D.P. In Rs. Earned Rs 170 crore.
Under property tax in the financial year till 31 December 2023, Rs. Earned Rs 1127 crore. During the same period in the entire financial year Rs. Earned Rs 828 crore. Rupee. Income increased by Rs 299 crore. There was an increase of 36 percent in one year. During the Advance Tax Rebate Scheme, the amount of property tax under Rs. Earned Rs 689 crore.
business tax
The income of the people of Ahmedabad increased by 3.85 percent in one year. Income has increased very little compared to inflation.
Professional Tax-Professional tax collected Rs 217 crore in 2022-23. Till 31st December in the current financial year Rs. Earned Rs 162 crore. During this period in the last financial year Rs. Earned Rs 156 crore. There was an increase of 3.85 percent.

more vehicles purchased
Whereas vehicle tax revenue has increased significantly by 16.30 percent compared to last year. Which shows that people have failed to attract Metro Rail, BRTS, AMTS passengers. They buy more of their vehicles. Even though people’s income has decreased, more vehicles have been purchased, which means that the income of the poor has not increased, but as the income of the rich has increased, they are purchasing vehicles.
Tax department has been the biggest source of revenue in Ahmedabad city. Rs 9482 crore with an increase of Rs 1082 crore in the budget of 2023-24. It has been decided to implement an increase of 2 per cent per annum in the rental rate of property tax instead of the proposed increase of 5 per cent per annum. Residential properties are taxed at the rate of Rs 20 and non-residential properties at Rs 34 per square meter. meter. Collectors will register encumbrances on non-taxable property. Collectors will register encumbrances on non-taxable property.

Water Tax – 30-45% of normal tax
Protection Tax – 30-45% of normal tax
Usage Fee – Rs. 1 per day for residential units; Rupee. Rs 2 per day for commercial units
Education Tax – 10% of General Tax
Every year 1 lakh 12 thousand children are born in Ahmedabad.
According to government records, 14,32,569 properties were registered in Gujarat in 2021-22, while 16,75,648 new properties were registered in 2022-23. It is estimated that there are 1 lakh 51 thousand new properties in Ahmedabad.