Remove liquor ban policy in Gujarat – NCP

Whenever our government is formed in Gujarat, the first thing we will do is to remove this impostor liquor policy! The people who want to drink food in their home with their will, they will be able to enjoy it openly in the realm of Kanun! The public should think, “What to eat, what to drink in an independent country will be their wish, let them enjoy it.” said formore CM, Gujarat Shankarsingh Vaghela.

Gujarat precident, NCP, Shankarsingh Vaghela said that ….

Alcoholism is the release of misappropriation of illegal money! The money which goes wrongly between Butler, the administration and the ministers will come directly into the treasury of the government! The benefit of which the general public can get free education and free medical!

In Gujarat, we know how to free liquor and harden the law. If we come back to power, then the first task will be to revisit .

Till now I have been a supporter of the liquor ban policy in the name of Gandhiji and Sardar Saheb in Gujarat, but when the Central Government has opened the contracts of liquor in the entire country in the midst of the demise, then we felt if the government believed that the corona from the liquor If the fear of the government is high and the income of the government increases, why not in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, the government should not interfere in what to eat and drink. If liquor is tied up in Gujarat due to Gandhiji then it is on paper, hypocritical, cheating!
A kilometer area in Gujarat will not happen where alcohol is not available! Even if they get the original branded, it is fine, but it is found here, as we call it Lahti! Thousands of people died in Gujarat and this has proved that the policy of barbarism in Gujarat is failure! It should be re-opened, reconsidered! With a scientific approach, a committee should think about what is the benefit of keeping it and what is it?

Alcoholism is a hypocritical policy in Gujarat! It is a wrong thing that the people who pick up the liquor will come on the way, there will be a blast, the safety of our sisters will come at risk! Goa is a city and state like Mumbai, where, despite being non-alcoholic, it roams on the sunny Sukshit Road at 12 o’clock at night, no problem! Gujarat ranks 17th in crime, while Goa has less crime than Gujarat!

It is bound here, that’s why people get mad at duplicate liquor! It is bound to pay more money for this, they drink the wrong liquor, it is tied, so Abu, Goa and Diu go to Daman to drink alcohol! Everyday, so much liquor comes from Gujarat, from Rajasthan, from Maharashtra, so much liquor is also made from Madhya Pradesh here, that too in the third class quality! The government’s own business meets Meherbani, so this Meherbani policy is wrong, so break this imposture policy!

Gandhiji’s policy was true, and this liquor ban which is currently going on in Gujarat is a policy of untruth! The policy of this impostor should be tied to Gandhiji’s name, people drink and let him drink freely!

When I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at one time, at that time I had taken out the Home Department and made a separate prohibition department! Today there is prohibition department but the government does not use it. We had built 120 new police stations for the strict adherence to alcoholism. And at that time, this policy was also made liberal, by which one can get liquor after getting license from him. At that time we had a coalition government, so there was some limitation, yet at that time the policy was made liberal. At that time, if a woman went to the police station and complained to the police that her husband was drinking alcohol and tortured her, then the police used to take strong action on her!

I have gone to the Tribal area of ​​Panchmahal, there are many more nice trees of Mahooda, from which the tribals there make wine of Mahooda! Which is considered very good for health. So why not our youth of the tribal community get permission from the government so that they get employment and the people of the state who want to drink, they should get good and pure quality liquor! Together the government should also get income!

Just as it is written on a packet of tobacco that eating tobacco is harmful for health, in the same way, if you want, you should also write it on alcohol, but cheating the public with the wrong policy is the government’s duplicate policy which should end now. The people of Gujarat should be freed from the imposture policy of Darubandhi!