Lockdown had to be relaxed, almost half of the cases came in the fourth phase of just 14 days.

In just 14 days of lockdown 4.0, 85,974 cases have been reported, which is about half of the total cases. So far, more than 1.82 lakh people have been infected in the country with the corona virus. The fourth phase of the lockdown started on 18 May, which ran till 31 May. Firstly PM Modi announced the lockdown from March 24, which was 21 days

Corona virus cases increased sharply due to the loosening of lockdown. The data showed that the fourth stage lockdown accounted for nearly half of the total cases. Let us tell you that only 85,974 cases in lockdown 4.0 (covid-19 cases in lockdown 4.0 have come out. The fourth phase of lockdown started from 18 May, which lasted till 31 May i.e. 14 days. These 14 days were the heaviest. Huh.

Firstly PM Modi announced the lockdown from March 24, which was 21 days. A total of 10,877 cases of corona virus were reported in those 21 days. After this, the second peak of the lockdown began on 15 April which was for 19 days and ended on 3 May. During this period 31,094 cases were reported.

The third phase of the lockdown began from May 4 to May 17, lasting 14 days, with 53,636 cases reported. After this, the fourth phase was implemented for 14 days from 18 May till 31 May, in which 85,974 cases have been reported so far.

Record 8026 cases in 24 hours
There have been 8026 cases of corona virus in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of corona virus infected patients in India has been 1,82,143 so far. However, the number of active cases is only 89,995. Please tell that so far 5,164 people have died in India due to Corona virus.

200 corona patients died on Saturday across the country. Earlier on Friday, 270 patients died, which is still a record. A total of 8,026 fresh cases came from across the country on Saturday. Of these, 2,940 were from Maharashtra. This is the second largest jump in the number of cases in a day in the state. On Saturday, at least four states broke the record of daily cases. 1,163 cases were received from Delhi while 938 from Tamil Nadu, 120 from Odisha and 71 from Jharkhand. All this is a record number of cases in these states within a day.

If you talk about the world, then the corona virus infection has spread to about 6 million people so far. Of these, about 3.70 lakh people have died, while around 25.50 lakh people have been recovered. The worst is in America, where so far 17.70 lakh people have been infected and close to 1.03 lakh people have died. However, more than 4.10 lakh people have been corrected here. India is currently ranked 9th in the world in terms of infection.