We pay Rs. 71 for Rs. 18 petrol, know how much goes into the government’s pocket

Petrol and diesel prices have risen for the ninth day in a row in the country today. In Delhi, petrol price has been hiked by 48 paise to Rs 76.26 per liter while diesel by 59 paise to Rs. 74.62. Crude, on the other hand, fell 8 percent to .7 38.73 a barrel. After all, even though crude is cheap, petrol costs Rs 5 in 9 days. And Rs. An increase of 5.26.

Experts say this is due to the recent increase in excise duty on crude by the Center and the increase in VAT by the states. Crude prices fall by 70 per cent to Rs 10 excise duty Was raised. If you look at the tax levied on petrol and diesel from the state and the center, Rs. 49.42 and Rs. 48.09 on diesel. No tax seems.

The base price of petrol in the country is Rs 17.96. 18.49 for diesel. Is. 17.96 in petrol. The base price is 32 paise for rent and other expenses, dealer rate is 18.28 paise, excise duty is 32.98 paise, dealer commission is 3.56 paise, VAT is 16.44 paise and the public gets 71.26 paise. While the base price of diesel is 18.49, it includes 29 paise for rent and other expenses, dealer rate 18.78, excise duty 31.83, dealer commission 2.52, VAT 16.26 and the public gets diesel at 69.39.

The calculation is based on the rate in Delhi on June 1. Since then prices have risen steadily. If you look at the taxes and VAT on crude, it is 69 per cent in India. This is 19 per cent in the US, 47 per cent in Japan, 62 per cent in Britain, 63 per cent in France and 65 per cent in Germany.