Mobile phone tracking system to prevent the misused of board exam papers in Gujarat

  • The privacy of question papers and whether they have been accessed in a sealed cover in classrooms is now available through mobile.

Gandhinagar, 7 March 2020

Currently, the examinations of Class-10 and Class-12 are underway. The privacy of question papers was demonstrated by the mobile application. There will be no longer any possibility of malpractice in the exams. The parcel of question papers in class-10 and standard-12 examination goes intact in the classrooms, for the verification of which mobile application has been launched.

When the confidentiality of the question papers is kept in the examination room and the question papers reach the sealed cover in the classrooms before the examination begins and ensure that the parcel of the question paper is left intact in the presence of the students, and a proper boarding board is prepared for any malpractice in the whole process. Authentication & Tracing Application (PATA) is being implemented.

In the Class-10 and Class-12 exams, the parcels of question papers are left intact in the classrooms, the mobile application for which verification has been introduced, from the 137 zones, the boxes of question papers are dispatched in intact condition.

Besides, the parcel of question paper arriving at the 5559 Building from the zone level is left intact and it is ensured by the mobile app itself. After the completion of the examination, photographs of attendant parcels and attendance can also be found in the office of the Board.

As a result of this application, information about the time of reaching the sealed box of the examination papers of the Board and the information about the examination site can now be found at the site of the mobile app. Depending on the photographs, how many boxes of question papers were reached at the time of examination, at which location of the examination center, whether the boxes of question papers were reached in the examination centers sealed, whether the boxes of question papers were received in a timely and sealed manner.

The question is, how will this app work where there are no mobile phones?