Multi Million Land Resurvey Scam in Gujarat

Gujarat government has been snatching farmers rights in the name of resurvey and land acquisition. I demand Gujarat government issues a White Paper and a judicial inquiry is initiated after which land is allocated to farmers as per the old Survey. Said, Hardik Patel, Social leader, Gujarat

Enclosed herewith please find my report on this crucial issue.

Revenue Minister of Gujarat Kaushik Patel , in accordance with the Fake Gujarat Model had made fake claims that Gujarat is the first State in India which has begun the work of re survey in a transparent and accountable, professional manner. In fact, he had claimed that this work was being undertaken with all due sensitivity and with empathy for farmers. Tall claims are being made by Gujarat and Central government of how assessment and promulgation of 18034 of the total 18047 villages in Gujarat has been satisfactoricy conducted and all how the resurvey is facilitating uniform records and digital transparency which will ensure that there is no land scam or cheating or sale of fake land deeds.
The reality is completely different. I can confidently say that there is deliberate wrong assessment done in at least 80 per cent of land in Gujarat The government claims that since the resurvey and reassessment of land is being done through Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), Electronic Total Station (ETS) and also high resolution satellite images for land re-survey in the state. , there cannot be any issues, this is to mislead the public.
Kaushik patel and Gujarat government are claiming that land mapping has been done accurately but it is not so. The land mapping that has been done has been done in a cosmetic manner without actually visiting the concerned land.
In fact the Valuation section has officially informed the Revenue department that the land valuation is wrong. An official report regarding this has also been submitted within the Department. Over 80 per cent farmers have emphasized that the maps that the government is claiming to be there is not actually the maps of their land. Despite the over 1.70 lac benchamarks set up by the DGPS, over 80 per cent maps are inaccurate. All over Gujarat, thousands of farmers are giving memorandums and making representztations that land valuation and land mapping in Gujarat has not been done accurately. Farmers have come up with concrete examples how their land papers show a river or a road where there isn’t one. Farmers are cringing that their lands and its sizes and locations have been meddled with in the maps. In Gujarat, there is a major land mapping survey scam. Private agencies who were supposed to go on ground and do field work for land mapping have actually blindly relied on satellite images. The result of the scam is that actual ownership of land has changed in several cases.There are over 1.25 crore agricultural survey nu mbers in Gujarat but none of the resurvey done are accurate.Hyderabad based IICT company was the agency which was supposed to visit site and do ground work and value the farming land but they have not gone to the land and done a shoddy job by simply relying on satellite images.
I re emphasize that this land resurvey in Gujarat is a very big scam and this Hyderabad based agency is believed to have stakes of a senior South India based BJP leader. Farmers in Gujarat are openly alleging that huge money and kickbacks have been exchanged for wrong information and huge land sharks were in touch with the agency to manipulate the land size and figures in the ReSurvey.
This entire resurvey project is going to cost over 5000 crore to Gujarat government but huge inaccuracies exist and the government will have to undertake the exercise again. I m confident that crores have been taken and given for flawed land mapping and assessment for vested interests by huge land sharks and their nexus with those in government is clear.
Farmes of pelaj talluka in Petlad have given written complaints of how their lands have deliberately been misrepresented for vested interests and in some cases land survey of 1930 has been used.
Farmers complaints are not being heeded to and a huge corruption in land valuation and land assessment in name of land resurvey in on in Gujarat with the blessings of the BJP government in Gujarat and Centre.

The Central Government appreciated Gujarat’s work in this direction as outstanding and exemplary and said other States could take direction from Gujarat.
The resurvey work begun from 2009-10 and has covered all 33 districts in Gujarat.
A new record of land and this process was prepared keeping rural, taluka and district and state level committee monitoring and supervision. This entire process was conducted by nine agencies that Gujarat’s small farmers are facing hardships. Their farmlands are in danger. Sardar Patel, Dhebarbhai and Jivraj Mehta had made efforts to ensure that landlords pass on ownership rights of land to the tillers.. A law was passed to enable those who sow to own farmlands. The Gujarat government is now is grabbing this land under the ruse of re-survey and land acquisition. My demand is that the re-survey work be probed in detail and a white paper be published. The white paper must be given by a judge to ensure that farmers get back their land as per old surveys.
If I go by conservative figures also, this definitely is a 1200 crore land resurvey scam n Gujarat.