850 deaths in Ahmedabad, how many deaths in which hospital?

Ahmedabad, 16 May 2020
Congress MLA from Dariapur, Ahmedabad, Gyasuddin Sheikh, while finding fault with the failed Rupani government, said that 859 patients died during treatment of corona in Ahmedabad city as on May 15, 2020 at 10 am. Of these, 106 died in SVP, 306 in Civil Hospital, 22 in Sola Civil and 25 in other hospitals. This is the reality.

A study of the death toll from Corona reveals that the number of deaths in the city’s civil hospitals is three times than of SVPs. That’s worrying. So far 106 patients have died during treatment in SVP. While 306 patients have died in civil.

Thus there appears to be a defect in the treatment of patients with coronary infections in some civil hospital. The cause of death must be investigated and corrected, with 850 patients dying during treatment in the city, including 434 patients at three major government hospitals, raising questions about the state of treatment at government hospitals, providing excellent treatment in the city’s government hospitals and patients. It is necessary to save lives.