’Neighbor’ bent on spoiling relations, Nepal will deploy army on Indian border for the first time

31 May, 2020
Relations with India’s neighboring Allied Nepal are becoming stronger. Nepal has introduced the Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament to show three regions of India in its map. Prime Minister KP Oli has closed open borders, now only a few borders will allow Indians to enter Nepal.

Another controversial decision has been taken on behalf of Nepal in the ongoing border dispute between Nepal and India. The Nepal government has decided to close the open borders to enter Nepal and give entry to Nepal only from the border area set by the government. In view of tensions with India, Nepal has also approved deployment of army in its border areas. This is happening for the first time.
There are about 1,700 km of open borders between Nepal and India. Till now Indian citizens coming to Nepal used to get entry from these open borders as per their convenience. With the latest decision of the Government of Nepal, now it will be allowed to enter Nepal only within the prescribed limits.

The day the Nepal government released its new map by including Indian regions, this decision has been taken during that time. But the government kept this decision hidden for a week. It has been made public after publishing in the Gazette.

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s cabinet, which is in a mood of confrontation with India over the border dispute, has decided to close everything except 20 borders with India, showing strictness in the name of border administration and security.

Army deployment in border area

In view of tensions with India, Nepal has also approved deployment of army in its border areas. This is the first time the army is going to deploy on the Nepal-India border. Till now the SSB used to monitor the border on the Indian side, while the responsibility of security was handed over by the Armed Guardian Force (APF) from Nepal. Despite having a military barrack in every border districts of Nepal, the army was never sent to the border in the name of border surveillance or security.

Nepali Foreign Minister said – Parliament will get new map soon

Controlling the border, closing and deploying the army between Nepal and India is against the 1950 friendship treaty between the two countries. The ruling Communist Party of Nepal has always been against this treaty. Every election conference from their election manifesto to the first agreement with independent India has been opposed. A major agenda of communist leaders has been to end cultural, religious, family and political relations with India.

Amendment bill introduced in Nepal’s Parliament, three parts of India in the new map

Indians will enter from 20 places

Giving information about this decision, Narayan Bidari, Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office said that the cabinet has decided that people coming from India will now be allowed to come only from 20 border gate. The border of 22 districts of Nepal is connected with India. The government has fixed one entry point for only 20 districts.

Nepal pulls back, India’s eye on the entire development

Significantly, due to Corona virus, Nepal and India have sealed the borders till May 31. Therefore, if the borders are opened from June 1, then according to the new rules of Nepal, Indian citizens will now be able to enter Nepal only with a fixed barrier.

People living in the border areas will be troubled

Due to the decision of the Government of Nepal, people living in the border areas are going to suffer the most. Trade, business, employment and marriage-to-marriage take place in a normal way between the two countries. In such a situation, people will have to be troubled by the new rules. Millions of people cross the border every day. Now entry will be available in Nepal with valid ID card.

Nepal changed policy regarding marriage

In the new constitution of Nepal, Indian girls are denied political rights when they get married in Nepal. By imposing this rule, a plan has been made to end family relationships. Nepal is hurting religious relations sometimes on the pretext of removing the priest of Pashupatinath and sometimes refusing to accept the Char Dham and Kumbh of India. Now there is a conspiracy to end the people-to-people relations by controlling the border.

What is the Indo-Nepal friendship treaty, which opened the frontier between the two countries

Nepal’s communist government does not accept the agreement of independent India

The communist government of Nepal does not accept agreements with independent India. Whereas Nepal is preparing to accept the agreement with British India and claim its land accordingly. According to the Treaty of Sugauli with British rule and the then royalty of Nepal in the year 1816, Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura, who were part of India at this time, have released a new map by incorporating that part.