Prime Minister’s photo on distribution of school bags, in Gujarat

Prime Minister’s photo on distribution of school bags to 1.62 lakh students of Education Committee
Updated: March 12, 2024

In the general meeting of the Education Committee, the opposition demanded to put Saraswati Mata’s photo on school bags.

Surat, d. Tuesday 12 March 2024

For the first time, it has been decided to provide school bags and sports uniforms in the City Primary Education Committee run by Surat Municipal Corporation. The Education Committee’s campaign to distribute school bags to 1.62 lakh students is being welcomed everywhere, but controversy has arisen even before the bags are distributed. The opposition of the Education Committee has demanded to put the picture of Saraswati Mata on school bags. But the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been placed on this bag.

Surat City Primary Education Committee, for the first time, has decided to give school bags to all the children studying in the committee’s schools. Uniform shoes and school bags as well as sports uniforms and sports shoes will be provided to the poor and middle class children in the Samiti school. This decision is being congratulated from all sides.

Opposition member of the education committee Rakesh Heerpara also congratulated the rulers for the decision but also sought assurance that the distribution of uniforms and boot socks is delayed every year, not this time. He has also demanded that the photo of Saraswati Mata should be placed on the school bags provided by the Education Committee. However, most of the 1.62 lakh bags have arrived and the photographs bearing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on them were presented by the opposition in the General Assembly. The possibility of controversy on this issue cannot be ruled out in the coming days.