Prostitution, sex scam in the BJP leader’s farmhouse Kamala

Police caught prostitution at Kamala farm house of former BJP president Ashok Rana in Sikandra industrial area of ​​Agra. Three girls, two agents and three youths from West Bengal were arrested. In which nine people were arrested. Women were also sent from farm houses to other hotels. The accused have been charged under the Immoral Body Trade Act. Ashok also participate. He denied the allegations, stating that he had leased the farmhouse. Sachin, Param, Vishnu and Vishal Goyal are hired.

A lot of information was obtained from the female leader of prostitution. ASP Saurabh Dixit and ACM Vinod Joshi raided Kamala Farm House. Girls used to book for three to four thousand rupees. Customers were also given a room. Ashok Rana was also a participant in unethical earnings. A big fellow had recently escaped. Two pistols, seven mobiles, six beer cans, six thousand rupees and objectionable goods were recovered from the arrested accused.

Vijay aka BP, Village Six Viswa, Fatehabad, Ram, Sachin, Rajesh, Kundul, Douki, Jayawardene, Baimpur, Sikandra, Ranveer Singh, Param, Vishnu hails from Malkapura village of Manakpura. .

The girls’ bookings used to send photos on WhatsApp have names of three hotels. The names of three more hotels in Sikandra area, Jashoda Guest House, Jaypee Palace Hotel in Shastriapuram and Four Seasons Hotel on NH-2 have also surfaced. The girls were sent here. Booking is done by sending a photo of the girl on WhatsApp. The accused operators were earlier working in hotels. After getting in contact with agents, he started working on his own.

The three arrested women were brought to the farm house before the lockout. He was given only a part of the amount. He was sent here from Delhi.
The business of sex is already caught in hotels and guest houses in the Sikandra region. The police has raided several times. However, the hotel has been renamed by the operators.

Former BJP district president Ashok Rana says that on December 1, 2019, he rented Vishal Goyal his farm house in Sikandra for a year.