sex dolls in empty stadiums, Penalties were levied for replacing statues with

Sex was put in place of spectators in a football match, a fine of Rs 62 lakh was imposed

A ‘sex doll’ was used to fill empty seats in a visitors’ gallery during a football match at an empty stadium in South Korea. Sex dolls were seen sitting on chairs in the audience stand.

Visitors to the stadium were banned due to the Corona virus during last Sunday’s match at FC Seoul. So the sex doll was kept in the spectator gallery to attract the spectators. He was wearing a t-shirt. Not only that, they also had placards in their hands, on which was also the logo of the ‘sex-toy’ seller.

A committee of officials imposed a record fine on the club after the incident. They get 100 million win (about 81 thousand dollars) or 62 lakh 17 thousand rupees. The country’s top league officials said the football club had insulted female fans.

The move drew strong criticism. People also took it on social media. It was later clarified by the club that an error had been made by the supplier. Statues were ordered. Also in return, sex dolls were given.

The club has apologized, saying it happened unintentionally. What happened should not happen again, we apologize for it.

The apology has also been placed on the club’s official social media accounts. The club also apologized on Instagram and Facebook that we apologize to the fans for the mistake made during the 17th match of the league.

Pictures of the incident have also gone viral on social media.
South Korea’s top football championship has begun. This was originally scheduled to begin on February 29, but was postponed due to the corona virus.