Learn the secret to turning the sky pink in this city after the biggest storm of the century

The biggest hurricane of the century in India is Amphan, becoming a super cyclone. Leaving Bhubaneswar, Amphan left and people saw that the color of the sky had changed completely. People are relieved to see such beautiful scenes after the catastrophic destruction. It so happened that the sky of Bhubaneswar has changed color. After the biggest storm of the century, the sky in this city has turned pink.

Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal and Odisha has killed at least 75 people. Crores of rupees have been lost. But the good thing is that the loss of life and property in Odisha has been reduced. On the one hand, people were upset and on the other hand, scenes that made them happy were created by nature.

The sky turned pink and purple after Cyclone Amphan passed through Bhubaneswar. People started taking pictures in their smart phones and then started posting pictures on social media.

This type of natural process occurs loosely after a storm. These show different colors in the sky. There are sometimes blue, green, red, orange, pink and purple.

Small water droplets and particles reflect light in different directions in the atmosphere. So such a situation arises and different colored light is seen.

Heavy storms remove large droplets, molecules, and particles from the atmosphere. But these tiny particles show a surprising outlook in such a situation.

In Odisha, more than 1.2 lakh people have been evacuated from coastal areas. Some coastal areas including Balasore, Bhadrak in Odisha received heavy rains, winds and sleet.