Sri Sri will teach the secrets to a happy

Art of Living’s Founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji will teach the secrets to a happy, dynamic and stress-free life through the Happiness Program to more than 1.5 Lakh people between August 17th to 19th.
Starting from 17th August, the cornerstone of the Happiness Program is the Sudarshan KriyaTM, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique cognized by Gurudev. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving one calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed. Apart from the powerful breathing techniques, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation, the program will also have interactive wisdom sessions that provide practical life tools to handle any difficult or stressful situation in life.
Using the gift of technology, the Program will be a virtual gathering with participants joining in from over 2100 web locations connecting cities and towns across India. Apart from the webcast, about 3000 participants will travel to the scenic Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru to be part of the Program from across the country.
According to a vast body of research on the effects of Sudarshan KriyaTM including work done at prestigious medical institutes like AIIMS and NIMHANS, regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya has the numerous benefits, both at the mental as well as physical level