Tata Motors bus supplied scam in Gujarat ST

Gujarat state road transport corporation scams to buy 520 midibus at a cost of Rs.

– Tata Motors bus supplied to Midibus by connecting lightweight engine instead of specification engine as shown in GEM’s online tender has been rejected and curtain lifted from scam

Gujarat state road transport corporation has alleged that there was a huge scam in the purchase of minibus from Tata at a cost of Rs.111 crore. An official with GSRTC technical knowledge of the 520 minibus fleet, saying that the bus was not in compliance with the engine specification, raised the veil over the entire scam. A complaint has also been lodged at the Vadaj police station.

The police complaint states that tenders were called for on the Portal for Gender (GEM). In a tender issued on January 22, 2019, Tata Motors uploaded the document as per the tender specification. Subsequently a hard copy of the document along with a seal cover was also submitted. It details the Tata Mac 33S on Ultra 7.5 T42 WB. The tender document sent by Tata Motors Ltd. was also given on 7th March 2019 and in view of this a security deposit was deposited.

On the 10th of March 2019, the order was given for the purchase of midi bus to M / s Tata Motors along with the important conditions and specifications of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. Also mentioned was the model number 33S on Ultra 7.5 T42 WB BSIV. Then the inspection was done on May 28, 2019 by the Central Institution of Road Transport. A midi bus was inspected at Tata Motors’ Dharwad plant. There was evidence based on the model offered by the firm. Two officers were also present at the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation during the inspection. They came up with this model OK. During inspection, Tata Motors was given the ARAI certificate number AAGN 0273. Details of the Tata LPO-7.5T Star (STAR) Bus Ultra 33 Plus D Seater BSIV model were shown in sequence number 86 in the ARAI certificate. Also the 3 LNG DICR 10 BSIV was mentioned as the engine model.

20 Vehicles were sent to their workshop against the delivery schedule given to Tata Motors in Letter CWA-PROD-MIBI-520-BS-2240 dated June 7, 2019 by the Ministry Manager. The Twenty Midibus Tata Mac 335 On Ultra 7.5 T42 WB BSIV And Engine Number 3 LNG BICR 10 BSIV Was Not Considered. Therefore, a letter dated 18th June 2019 was issued by CWD by writing PROD-MIDI-520-DS-2399 to supply the vehicles as per the proto-inspection. In response to this letter, Tata Motors provided the Tata Ultra Star Bus 33 Plus D497 CR 7.5B-42WB with PS ABS – BS-IV and engine 497 CR BS4 EGR engine instead of the Tata LP0755 in their ARAI certificate issued by them during proto inspection. Tea Star Bus Ultra 33 Plus D Seater BSIV as well as 3 LNG DICR 10BS IV as engine model. It has also been announced that 3 LNG and engine production will be discontinued from April 2019.

At a high-level committee meeting on August 20, representatives of Messrs. Tata Motors acknowledged the facts shown in the tender document and, admitting their mistake, had agreed to supply vehicles as per Tata Mac 335 on Ultra 7.5 T42WB BSIV and engine 3 LNG DICR 10BS IV. General Chat Chat Lounge And requested not to be penalized. Amarish A., Director General Purchase of the Central Office of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, with a request to file an FIR with the complaint that Tata Motors had tried to provide the midibus with a lightweight engine as detailed in the tender. Patel has complained.