The biggest outbreak of corona infection in Delhi so far

New Delhi: The first day of easing of lockdown in Corona virus in the capital Delhi has been shocking news. The capital Delhi has seen 500 new cases of corona in the last 24 hours. That’s the highest ever. So far, the total number of Corona cases has been 10,554.

Of these, 5638 are active and 166 people have lost their lives due to corona.
Talking about whether there was a rush to open the lockdown in Delhi, Kejriwal said, “At this stage, everyone has to learn to live with Corona.” Because he will not get treatment in the near future. Delhi is slowly being opened. Metro, mall, hall are closed.

The number of coronary heart disease patients in Delhi in May is increasing faster than in April. The number of Koro patients in the capital has crossed 10 thousand. Corona virus will be at its peak in June-July. Most people will become infected with the virus if they come in contact with patients. The situation could get worse in the coming days.

The first case of corona was reported on March 2, 2020 in the capital. By March 31, the number of Kovid patients in Delhi had reached 120. The infection rate was very low in March. The main source of the virus in March was people from abroad. Or were in contact with them. By the end of March, Nizamuddin became a hotbed of infection in the area, followed by a sudden surge of infection in Delhi in April.

The number of patients in Delhi on March 31 was 120, which crossed 500 in 5 days. The reason was the hot spot in the Nizamuddin area. After this, the number of patients began to increase from four to five hundred every five days in April. As on April 20, the number has crossed 2,000 and at the end of April there were 3515 positive patients in Delhi.