No one could measure the bottom of a mysterious furrow, here are 10 secrets which scientists, even the government, did not find

1 November 2020

About 70 km in Chhatarpur district of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. Far Bajna village, Bada Malhara, is full of mysteries, the famous Bhimkund. Kund is also known as Neel Kund or Narada Kund. It has been a place of sages, ascetics and seekers since ancient times. It has also become a center of religious and scientific research. The furrow and its water are a surprise to geologists. The size of the 40–80 meter wide batches resembles the mace of Bhima. There is a natural water source and a sacred place. There is a shortage of water in the Bundelkhand region. But there is plenty of water here. Bhima Kund is in a cave.

10 surprises

  1. In the Asian continent, whenever there is a natural disaster, flood, storm, tsunami, the litter water starts increasing on its own. When the tsunami hit the sea, the same water rose to a height of 10 feet. All the people present had gone out of fear.
  2. The amazing thing is that scientists have planted dives in these waters. But so far there is no perfect solution that there is so much water inside. Which is strange. No one could detect its depth.
  3. There is a big hole just above Bhima Kund, due to which the rays of the sun fall on the water of the Kund. So many rainbows emerge.
  4. A person drowning in water disappears forever. The dead body of a drowning person does not come out.
  5. People here believe that it has a direct relation with the sea.
  6. Blue – Blue – Water. Water camera sent to a depth of 200 meters. Depth not found.
  7. Discovery Channel, the local administration and foreign scientists, tried to find the secret of this mysterious furrow and its water but they could not find it.
  8. Absolutely pure like Ganges and never spoil. Scientists tried to find the reason for its purity but nothing could be found. His secret could not be solved.
  9. Dive – The divers went under water, then they said that there are 2 big holes inside the wells. Water comes from one and goes back from the other and its speed is also very fast.
  10. Water level never decreases. From here, water reaches the surrounding areas. The water level here never falls even in summer. The water level did not decrease when the government removed water from the water pump.


From the stairs to the pool. The light is also less, the scene here fascinates everyone. Later temples were built near the entrance of Bhima Kund. Enjoy both this world and its aftermath. Vedic sage Narada, the lord of music, used to perform Gandharva Ganam (astronomical songs) for Lord Vishnu. The song that all the gods sang began to be heard.

Lord Vishnu was also pleased to hear the matter and came out from under the water and like his color, the water of this tank also became blue, hence it is also called Nilkand. Bhima hit a hammer and poured water here for Draupadi. 5000 years old place. In the last decade of the 18th century, a fair was held on the day of Makarsankranti.