The claims of development in Vande Gujarat Yatra are far from reality

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has started Vande Gujarat Vikas Yatra to take development works to the people.

It remains to be seen what rhetoric goes against what he has said in his speech.

Chief Minister – 20 years Vande Gujarat Vikas Yatra – Reality – So the last 8 governments of last 8 years were not of BJP. Rupani had left for Vande Gujarat in 2021. And BJP fired him. Now people will anger BJP. Then there were 80 chariots. There’s no need to travel if you’re done.

20 years of development and 20 years of trust – promised in 2012, will give home to all. From 2012 onwards, 50 lakh houses were to be built for the poor. The poor do not get free housing.

Statewide Launch from Ahmedabad – Why Not Travel Through Backward Tribal Areas

Yatra will run from July 5 to 19- Why Krishi Rath Yatra did not start before monsoon

82 vikas rath yatra will cost one chariot 40 lakh rupees 33 crore people wasted

There will be 2500 programs – 50 lakh people will be involved, time will be wasted

Raths will run at the level of 8 municipal corporations and 33 districts at the taluka and village level.

We returned the trust of the public to the public in the form of development –

‘Kaho what you do’ – said a lot but did little, the present government does not have remotely elected MLAs but the control is with Delhi and CR Patil.

Politics of Development – ​​Domestic production in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, quarrying has declined by 5% in the 10 years from 2011-12 to 2020-21.

Worked for public interest – In 20 years, people have given 40 lakh crore tax to the government. Then per person Rs. Why 65 thousand loan? In five years Rs. Rs 1,11,133 crore has been spent on interest payment by the state government. 2,09,861 crore fresh debt against Rs.

Public welfare schemes – Rs 7 lakh per person in 20 years, Rs 35 lakh per family in 20 years. Where are the jobs?

Starting from Sabarmati Riverfront – Narmada water drains into the riverfront. The river has become a canal. The 10,000 slums displaced from the riverfront are in a worse condition today.

The 2022 budget of Rs 2.50 lakh crore – has deposited 36 thousand per person tax-fees in a year. People have worked with the money given.

25,000 new jobs will be announced- If the government has a total of 25,000 jobs after deducting the salary, then according to the budget, a job of Rs 5,000 crore will be done.

Works will be announced and unveiled – Corruption in works has not been made public.

Gujarat is leading the development as the growth engine of the country. 8 lakh workers are employed daily in 15419 factories. There were 2.41 lakh small businesses.

Gujarat has become world class. 7 lakh people from the country and 80 thousand people from Gujarat are going abroad. If Gujarat is world class then why are they leaving Gujarat.

Gujarat has changed in 20 years. – Then out of 6.50 crore people of Corona, about 6 crore people had to give food grains.

Full credit goes to Narendra Modi – there has been a decline in 3.70 lakh hectares of agricultural land since 2001. Poverty has increased because of fragmentation of agriculture due to family division. The number of poor has increased in Gujarat.

Gujarat Today, double engine government’s double benefit- Modi did not accept 120 demands in front of the central government of Gujarat. Delhi has given little relief against natural calamities.

Gujarat has become the most attractive center of the world. ,

The core of development is education, health and safety. The number of malnourished children in Corona has increased by 28 percent in one year.

Worked from foundation to tall building. There are 40 lakh poor families out of 1.10 crore families. In Gujarat, instead of having a single hut, 20 lakh families do not have a good house to live in.

People from all over the country are coming to see the development. 1.47 crore poor have come in 1530 Garib Kalyan Melas. Foreigners come to see it.

There has been a radical change in the field of education in Gujarat.

Gujarat had a shortage of 19,128 rooms in 2021. Today it has increased to 20,000. There are total 1326 government, 5181 sanctioned, 5138 private secondary and higher secondary schools in the state. In the last 2 years, 187 government and 147 private schools have been sanctioned in the state. Only two approved schools are allowed. There are 40,746 primary schools and 7,191 private schools. There are 33,518 government schools and only 72.51 percent of the schools have classes from class I to class 8. That is, 27.49 percent of the schools do not have class VIII. Out of 12,599 secondary and higher secondary schools, 6004 schools do not have Aadhaar. 40% of schools do not have playgrounds for children.

The drop out ratio has come down from 37 per cent to 3 per cent. – good job. One year after Corona, 1 lakh children have dropped out of school in Gujarat. There were 18.39 lakh children in 2019 which suddenly increased to 17.57 lakh in 2020. But only 3% of the students go to college. The education department has decided to close around 6,000 government schools.

Literacy rate has also increased. – What is the literacy rate. Why not make it public? According to the annual State Education Report, 30% of the women in Gujarat are illiterate. 25% girl students are deprived of school education. 40% of school children do not know Gujarati. In the Gujarati language of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, 2,35,302 students failed i.e. 34% children were declared dumb in Gujarati. There are not only 6 thousand teachers of Gujarati language.

separate for girls Toilet B is new. Schools built by previous governments in 30 years, BJP built toilets for daughters in 20 years

20 years ago there were 21 universities in Gujarat, today there are 102. The BJP government has done a good job. Donations have increased, government colleges have decreased.

Earlier there were 26 engineering colleges, now there are 133. 60 percent of engineers walk lazy. The one who is at work gets his first salary of 8 thousand. Reduction in wages of jobs of engineers leads to exploitation.

There were 1375 seats in medical, today there are 5700. This is the best work done by the Gujarat government. The children of the rich are becoming more doctors. 50% poor students cannot become doctors.

Tribes, women, youth, rural poor have all been empowered.

Gujarat has made progress in every field. 10 years ago a farmer used to have 10 bighas of agricultural land but now he has 5 bighas. in which he cannot survive. That’s why poverty is increasing. Where is the progress in the field of agriculture?

Has worked for every section of the society. Then in 15 years the number of farm laborers has increased, the number of farm laborers has increased by 17 lakhs. In which they have become laborers by selling small hazards. ST, SC And for the welfare of OBCs, the BJP government has given only Rs. 177.75 crores.

Worked for the development of sympathy for the people and all round development of all. A quarter of the population was poor in 2018. After Corona and recession in agriculture, it has increased from 30 to 33 percent.

Strict laws are made and strictly enforced. Anti-encroachment law applied on land, provision of 14 years imprisonment, yet the pressure on the land has increased. The Gram Nyayalaya Act was passed in 2008 but has not been implemented in Gujarat. In February 2020, the Supreme Court ordered 18 states why you have not yet issued the notification for Gram Nyayalayas.

There is peace in the state because of strict laws. Communal riots have become a thing of the past.

Body warn strengthens peace-keeping with cameras.

Gujarat ranks first in the start-up ranking. According to Startup India website, there are 14,200 registered startups in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a leader in the field of MSME, industrial production etc. Today there are 800 large scale industries and 35 lakh medium and small scale industries in the state. It is claimed that 17 lakh jobs have been created in the state since the Vibrant Conference started in 2003. On an average 1.25 lakh people get employment in Gujarat every year, every year 11 lakh new youth are joining in Gujarat.

Here is the Statue of Unity for tourism. The tyrant’s paw has rotated under the Statue of Unity. The victims of 72 villages are being taken in the name of Sardar. The whole process is illegal and inhuman. Since the foundation stone of the Statue of Unity, the tribals themselves have been fighting over several issues, including prioritizing employment for local people, land lost in the project. Their questions have not been resolved. The Statue of Unity Development Authority has demanded immediate cancellation of the notification. Stoves were kept off in 75,000 homes. In contrast, in Gujarat, 18 lakh hectares of land was to be irrigated by the Narmada. Occurs only in 3 lakh hectares. Although the fields are on the banks of the canal, water is not provided.

Travel has become the best place for festivals. There are 1.5 lakh religious places here, there are 3 times more beggars in Gujarat.

Sauna Saath, Sauna Vikas, Sauna Vishwas and Sauna Prayas – If Modi had developed in 14 years and BJP in 20 years, 31,46,413 families in 2018 and 50 lakh families in 2021 would not live below the poverty line. who developed. In 2020, 85 industrialists had Rs 35 lakh crore. This has increased to Rs 55 lakh crore in 2021. Gautam Adani’s net worth was 20 20 billion at the end of 2019. Doubling in 2021 to ₹82.43 billion.

See correct details against what Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar said ——–

Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi is being celebrated, under which Vande Gujarat Vikas Yatra has been organized. – chief Secretary

Gujarat is at the forefront of every field in the country. Out of 58 lakh farmer families, there is a debt of Rs 24,000 crore. 42 per cent of the farmer households have an average per capita loan of Rs 16.74 lakh. Gujarat is backward in agriculture.

Infrastructure Gujarat is paramount. –

Gujarat is paramount among industries in the country. In one year till 2019, the income of billionaires in India has increased by 12% i.e. about 2.5 to 2.5 billion every day. The industrialists of Gujarat have seen the highest growth.

Gujarat tops in generating employment in the country. – Agriculture has the highest employment. In 3 years, 50 percent i.e. 30 lakh farmers will be such who will have half a hectare of land. Who will be poor? NA maximum under Modi raj, 20,000 sq km of agricultural land has been reduced in 10 years. There is a loss of Rs 12500 crore every year. If groundnut was grown on all the land, the production of groundnut would have been Rs 2.50 lakh crore in 20 years.

Excellent performance in the field of health – Then why did the government provide death assistance to 1.10 lakh people in Corona, according to the World Health Organization, 2 lakh people have died due to corona in Gujarat. The opposition says 3 lakh deaths.

Outstanding Teaching Performance –

Gujarat has done excellent work in every field. In 2004-05, 21.8% of the people in rural areas were living below the poverty line. In 2018, It was 25 percent. In 2021-22, 30 percent of the population is living in poverty. So why did poverty increase? 1 crore people are unemployed or semi-employed. The government’s minimum rate is 380, which has also not been fulfilled. People work for Rs 200 per day. There are 34 lakh BPL cards.

A model similar to the efforts made in Gujarat has been implemented across India. Ideal for the rich. Nine people in the country constitute 50 percent of the country’s population. Only 9 people have as much wealth as 65 crores of the country. 5 out of 9 billionaires are from Gujarat. Moreover, 49 crorepatis from Gujarat out of 100 in the country have assets worth more than Rs 1,000 crore. 60 Gujarati industrialists have developed. This is the real Gujarat model.

About 40% of all digital payments in the world are done in India. The wealth of the poorest 50 per cent of the country has declined by 11 per cent. The same has happened in Gujarat as well. Are these people making digital payments?