The only regular daily Sanskrit Newspaper published by Dowoodi Vohra in Surat

Bharatratnah ajatasatruh atalh mahanindrayam vilinah, Suidhaga Chalchitrasya nutanam chhayachitram prasaritam jatam, Raktadurgopari Narendra Modinah Sarvakariya Gungatha Prasharitaha… etc… these sentences are seem to be outdated, rarest to listen… these titles may seem astonishing and may be taken as a part of curriculum but actually these are the titles of flourishing news paper in Sanskrit running in Surat. Our readers will be amazed to learn that the Vishvasya Vrutantam, the only Sanskrit newspaper published in surat in the entire world, which has many readers & followers. Very few people are aware of the fact that, this daily paper is being provided even through e-mode and digital option. In addition to above mentioned facts, our readers will be surprised to note that this unique paper is not run by any Hindu, but by two Muslim brothers of Dawoodi Bohra community Mr. Saifee Sanjeliwala and Mr. Murtaza Khambhatwala, both are an example of continuous striving for preserving of our age old Indian tradition and culture through Hindu Vedas, Puranas and Shastric scriptures.
It is said that Sanskrit in the mother of all languages. Sanskrit is India’s priceless contribution to the whole world, but unfortunately, this language which offers such a rich knowledge & wisdom, is confined only to textual materials.
There was a time when Sanskrit was the sole medium of recitation and speaking day-to day practice. Now it is limited to ritual and traditional activities. In order to save this language, from further becoming extinct, some Sanskrit loving organizations are making active and whole hearted efforts. One of them is Bharti Prakashan, Surat – which is striving hard to preserve & propagate this language among the new generation of Sanskrit lovers.
In order to acquaint the young minds with the rich and varied cultural heritage of Sanskrit language this paper came into existence on 26 th of April 2011 and has been continuing till date without a break. It is a great pleasure for Surat city and State of Gujarat to know that Saifee Sanjeliwala & Murtaza Khambhatwala, both are relentlessly working as a bridge the Hindu – Muslims Unity.

This news paper in hard copies and e-copy are read by Gujarat’s people along with readers of Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & amp; Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi and other states. Many followers are actively reading this newspaper from various corners of the world. This paper is well accepted by social, cultural and educational institution.
The owner of the newspaper Vishvasya Vrutantam Mr. Saifee Sanjeliwala told as the aim of this paper is to eradicate the age old misconceptions that Sanskrit is a subject of Brahmins only and its language is very difficult to understand. This newspaper is very strong medium for mass to read and enjoy and acknowledge the beauty of this rich classical language. That’s why; the style of writing news is simple and lucid for the common reader to understand this language. Vishvasya Vrutantam is the only newspaper which comes in its full fledged size and not like any other tabloids. This paper covers national, international, local and sports, entertainment news. This Newspaper is a platform for the students perusing higher studies and doing research and journalism in Sanskrit.
The Managing Editor Mr. Murtaza Khambhatwala said that he has been a great admirer and learner of Sanskrit language, since his schooling days. Out of the total strength of 40 of his class, he was the only one to learn Sanskrit. As per his views, this newspaper offers a varieties of topics such are Politics, Contemporary News, Sports, Health, Special Section, Short News, Secretaries news, Mann ki Baat of our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modiji, weekly competitions, Leader’s views and statements, readers segment, jokes, Sanskrit question-answers, birthday specials, important personalities, students section, govt. information etc.
He is of the opinion that India’s great culture and tradition are hidden in our ancient Sanskrit Texts and other manuscripts. This language is immortal, the craze for learning Sanskrit is seen more in foreign countries as compare to India. Sanskrit has been given a worldwide status of being scientifically and phonetically sound language. During the rule of Britishers in India they propagated English as the main official language and intentionally suppressed the use of Sanskrit language which laid to its down fall. In today’s western dominated society, some Indians, it seems, are losing their Indian roots & ethics.
Hence, the education ministry must encourage and include Sanskrit language in the syllabuses of our students to re-vamp this neglected language.
Without any hindrance, the Vishvasya Vrutantam is being Published non-stop since the last 8 years. Follower from various corner of the world are enthusiastically enquiring about the process of downloading the e-paper. Mr. Murtaza Khambhatwala proudly remarks that this newspaper is published regularly except the 7 gazette holidays, because of the whole hearted support of the readers.
The Sub Editor, Dr. Dhananjaya Bhanja, Ph.D., great scholar, a supporter to this paper who is working as a teacher in surat since 18 years Dr. Bhanja is of the opinion that, the newspaper which is entertaining, educative should reach to all the strata’s of the society with subhasitas, kavyas, stories etc.
Scholars, students across the nation read this newspaper and incessant striving is made for its continuous publication.
Government of Gujarat has established Somnath Sanskrit University in Veraval whics is a good step. In India, there are more than 20 Sanskrit Vishva Vidyalayas, more than 100 Sanskrit traditional collages and many pathshalas are running smoothly. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari in every corner of this country, Sanskrit teaching is well established.
Dr. Bhanja narrates the beauty of Sanskrit, that in the world, Sanskrit is the most easy, scientific language. It dose not have any lacuna in grammatical aspects. Sanskrit sentences can be written in any form with noun, object, verb etc.
By the influence of English language on all the sister languages of Sanskrit, the value of Sanskrit has periodically decreased. From many thousand years Sanskrit language has been powerful and has been a driving language. An initiative has been taken by two Muslim brothers to preserve and continue the Sanskrit language through a newspaper like Vishvasya Vrutantam who is truly seems very inspiring.