To save his daughter from Corona, Partha Saha built unique motorcycle in Tripura

There is a lockdown in most countries of the world today due to the disease named Corona virus, no treatment has been found so far, and social distancing is being continuously advised in all countries to prevent it from spreading. People are following it in India too, but some people are still not following it. But it is said that necessity is the mother of invention. A great example of this is found in Agartala in Tripura.

Keeping this in mind, Partha Saha, a resident of Agartala, has designed an electric motorcycle that is adhering to social distancing in times of this corona virus disease. Let me tell you, a person named Nibedita Majumder has uploaded a video of this on his YouTube channel. In which the design of this unique bike can be seen. The most important thing about this bike is that it motivates people to keep distance among themselves.

While talking about the maker of this, Partha Saha works at a TV repair shop, and has prepared it for her daughter. Because his daughter goes by school bus, and he does not want his daughter to travel in school bus and with children. Corona virus is spreading its foot in India continuously, currently the number of active cases has reached 29 thousand. Thousands of people have lost their lives with this disease.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that no vaccine has yet been made of this disease, while there is still a possibility of it spreading. Partha Saha was not ready to take the risk for his child and this is why he built this electric motorcycle. To make this, Mr. Saha brought an old bike from the scrap dealer and removed its engine completely. Then he cut the entire bike into two parts and extended the length of the bike by welding a 3.2 feet long metal rod in the middle. This made it a unique social distancing bike.