Two judges set out on their own 2000 km journey to take the oath of Chief Justice

The country is closed for 3 May. Due to which all public transport, trains, airplanes etc. are closed in the country. Due to the suspension of air and rail passenger services, two judges have started a road trip of more than two thousand kilometers to take charge as Chief Justices of the High Courts in different parts of the country.

These judges have recently been promoted as Chief Justices of the High Courts. He took such a long journey by road between the nationwide bandh so that hearing of cases and justice delivery would not be delayed.

Calcutta High Court Judge Dipankar Dutta is to take over as the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court. He and his son are driving a car alternately to travel long distances to Mumbai. Justice Vishwanath Samaddar of Allahabad High Court has been promoted as Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court. He is going from Kolkata to Shillong by car.