who die in service, dependents can now apply for ex-gratia financial assistance in one year’s time

Dependents of state government’s class 3-4 employee’s,
Ahmedabad: Gujarat Government has extended the time limit from six-months to one year for applying for ex-gratia financial assistance by the dependents of class 3 and 4 employee, who died during the current service. Decision offering a big relief to the dependents of the deceased employee.

Earlier, in the case of death of employee of class 3 and 4 during the service, the dependent was offered an employment as the compensation.

But in year 2011, the state government had changed this to offering just onetime ex-gratia financial assistance to the dependents of the deceased employee, as an option to the employment.

Accordingly, the dependents of the deceased employee had to apply for this ex-gratia compensation within six months time from the death.

However, the representations were made to the Chief Minister stating that social customs, psychological condition of the family, lack of knowledge about the government’s rules among the dependents, collecting necessary documents and others, require more time.
Adopting sympathetic approach to these representations, the Chief Minister has taken the decision to extend the time for submitting the application to the state government by the dependents of the deceased employee for availing ex-gratia financial assistance from six months to one year.