2200 beds Infection Isolation Hospitals in Gujarat

Guj Govt is fully equipped to tackle situations of Coronavirus — CM
CM – DCM hold high level Core Committee Meeting
Made some vital public decisions
Ahmedabad: At a high-level meeting of the core-committee held in Gandhinagar Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel today reviewed the situation emerging out of Coronavirus in the state.

In reference to the world witnessing the trend of Coronavirus moving towards the stage 2nd and 3rd, in the meeting several important decisions were taken to preventive spread of the disease in Gujarat.

In the meeting the Chief Minister said as the virus is transmitting through making personal contacts with one another, thus, as a preventive measure the state government has taken decision to close down such crowded places in four major municipal corporations – Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot, in Gujarat till next Wednesday, March 25, 2020. However, essential services such as supply of milk, vegetables, fruits, grocery, general stores, medical stores, medical clinics, hospitals, and laboratories, companies producing medical equipments, pharmacies and health services will continue to function normally in these four major cities.
Beside these, other essential services such as municipal corporations, panchayats, electricity, insurance, internet, telephone, and IT, banking, ATM, banks’ clearing houses, stock exchanges, and godowns of essential commodities, and very essential services such as railways, transport, petrol pumps, water supply, and sewerages, and media, newspapers, foods, paste control, and shops and institution connected to the production, transport and supply and e-commerce and others would also continue to function normally.
In the meeting it was also decided that to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus, 50 % employees of the total employees of class 2 to 4 in all government offices, boards-corporations, and local governing bodies will attend their duties on rotational bases till March 29, 2020. However, this will not be applicable to the employees and officials of the local governing bodies who are connected with the essential services and those who are directly involved in prevention of spreading of the Coronavirus. They must attend their duties routinely.

In the meeting it was also decided to use newly built 1200-beds hospital at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, as the ‘Infection Isolation Hospital’ for the positive cases of the disease from Monday. Similarly, ‘Infection Isolation Hospital’ with capacity of 250 beds in Rajkot, 250 beds in Vadodara, and 500 beds in Surat would also be made operational.

In the meeting, it was also decided that in case if the scope of Coronavirus spread further in the state than to empower a committee four senior secretaries, headed by additional chief secretary of the finance department, to purchase necessary medical tests, latest equipments for treatments and ventilators for the infected patients.

In the meeting the Chief Minister expressed confidence that people of state will fully cooperate with the government in fighting against the disease.
The core committee meeting was also attended by Chief Secretary Mr. Anil Mukim, Mr. K. Kailashnathan – Chief Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. Pankajkumar – Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue), Mr. Mukesh Puri – Urban Development, Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretaries – Mr. M. K. Das, Mr. Kamal Dayani, and Mrs. Jayanti Ravi, Secretary – Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Mr. Harit Shukla, and Health Commissioner Mr. Jaiprakash Shivhare and medical experts.